18 thoughts on “Photos of Nine People Who Look Nothing Alike

  1. Oh, you sexy half-fro-casian shirley male-claine, you!!

    Those people don’t even look like EACH OTHER, never mind like you!!!!

    Maybe with the booze, though. Being drunk would help immensely.

  2. Josh Groban??? WTF?? I wouldn’t mind looking like some of those women! And, dude, I totally thought the photo on the lower right as one of your beach vaca shots! You mean it’s not???

  3. Apparently I like people who don’t show their teeth when they smile. My sister forwarded me a link where you put you and hubby’s pic in and it creates an image of what your child would look like. The results were similar… wish I could find that link to share.

  4. Shirley McLain? WTF? I can see Andie MacDowell and also the chick from Desperate Housewives… you two have the same smile. I am terrified to put my picture on that website.

  5. This is funny but bizarre. And I am way too chicken to try it. I can barely look in a mirror these days.

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