Thursday, September 25, 2008

That'll Teach Her to Run and Jump and Play

Because I'm tired of bitching about the chaos of kindergarten, I will instead bitch about the fact that my DOG cost me nearly THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS today because she CHIPPED A NAIL.

Well, I guess it was a little bit more than that. Last night I noticed her obsessively licking her back paw. I didn't even want to look at the foot because I could sense the prohibitive cost in my future. But I did. And her nail quick was entirely exposed.

Here's the thing about Cassidy. She doesn't care for vets. And not in a "I'm going to be grouchy and maybe cower in the corner" kind of way.

Her way of hating the vet is more of a, "the flourescent orange 'CAUTION' sticker on her chart wasn't enough, nor was the bright red 'MAY BITE' sticker, so they had to go ahead and put a neon green 'WILL BITE' sticker on her chart" way.

And on that WILL BITE sticker is a handwritten note that says, "sensitive about paws."

See where I'm going with this?

A foot injury on Cassidy is not just a matter of an office visit, antibiotics, and a bandage. I know because she regularly injures her feet. It's weird.

Cassidy requires an office visit, a day of boarding, sedation, blood work, and two prescriptions.

And a bandage in a bag 'cause it's raining.

Poor girl. I think she had a sucky day too.


  1. Oh, poor Cassidy. Nice of you to get her a Happy Meal though. It was for her, right? :)

    Tomorrow will be better. It HAS to be.

  2. Poor Cassidy, and poor ($300!!) you!

    I hope you have a better day today my friend.

  3. Vet bills suck. My cat is lucky I love him so much.

    Poor Cassidy. Hopefully she's back to herself soons.

  4. Oh, no!!!! Vet bills are terrible! But what can you do? It's not like you can *not* take them. It reminds me that this must be how people without insurance must feel, actually.

    I'm so sorry that she freaks out like that!!! I wonder if they could give you a pre-vet script for some sedatives so you can slip her one before you have to go? If she's loopy, maybe it wouldn't be such a struggle to at least get her in the door.

  5. Is it wrong that I find the stickers "May Bite" and "Will Bite" extremely funny? If so, I'm sorry.

  6. poor pup. Bubba has one of those stickers on his chart too... ;)

  7. One of our cats has an orange "DANGER!" sticker on his vet file too. Hope Cassidy feels better soon.

  8. When we have had pets in the past, we had similarly-expensive vet bills and found that pet insurance was actually useful. Who knew?


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