Sunday, October 5, 2008

Am I Mad? And a Housewife? Or a Cellar?

First, a question: Which of the following do you think applies to me?

Yep, I drink well with others. I'm more of a social, happy drinker than a bitter, solo drunk. Not to imply that if you drink alone you're bitter. Or a drunk. Oh, man, I just lost half of my readership didn't I?

It's just that if I were to drink alone, I'd be bitter because then I would have missed out on the lovely ladies from the DC Metro Moms Blog—and some friends—who turned out for a wine party given by the wonderful Nicole and Mad Housewife Cellars.

Do you see what was waiting for us when we showed up at Nicole's house?

I was excited to see Nicole.
I was also excited to see the the Cabernet Sauvignon.

Here is rocket scientist Whymommy explaining to Sue from My Party of 6 what magnets would do to the sulfites in the wine and how the whoseemawhatsis would turn this way and then the whatsamathingy would rotate end to end and...

...I took photos and drank wine.

Apparently being a rocket scientist pays off, because Whymommy used her mojo to win the door prize:

My door prize was that I got to hang out with these cool ladies: Sue, me (but I always hang out with me), Linda, KC, Susan, Claire Jess, Leticia (thanks for the ride!), Diana, and Nicole.

Photo taken by MamaBird.
Doesn't she seem even more mysterious and alluring because
she's behind the scenes? Trust me, she's very alluring.
And mysterious.

I hope to see all of these fabulous women more often. Especially if it involves delicious wine.


  1. Looks like you guys had a blast! :D

  2. You are none of the above! Thanks for putting up with being picked up first and dropped off last which made you have to spend way more time with me than anyone else! Can't wait for the next time esp since I won't be driving!

  3. Oh my. I see over 25 bottles of wine on that counter. I don't see even close to 25 women. My math is really bad but I'm thinking that if you subtract a designated driver - that's a shitload of wine for some happy women!

  4. *sob*

    Sometimes I hate being in Australia...

  5. I could have driven over from DE! Cuz, ya know, if JoBama wins then DE will really be part of the DC Metro area...

  6. That looked fun!! Wish I had been able to join you all!

  7. Oh - this looks so fun! I hate that I had to miss it. Even though I don't write for DC Metro Moms, Nicole was sweet enough to invite me. And of course I couldn't go! So rub it in why don't you... Kidding of course - it looks like everyone had a great time. Since I have never had a drink with you (which we should really rectify soon...), I can't give a definitive answer to your first question - but I'm going with "Drinks well with others."

  8. Sounds like such a great time - I love WhyMommy AND wine!

    Wish I was there.

  9. I think I wish I lived down the street from you.

  10. It's always great seeing you! What a great group of women to hang out with!

  11. Jealousy over here...nothing cool like that ever happens in South Georgia.

    Trust me.

    People don't even drink red wine.

  12. Um, now I have a lot to live up to. Alluring and mysterious! You are going to laugh very hard when my latest blog project launches in a week or two. But I *do* think you drink well with others! Great to hang with you!

  13. You definitely DO drink well with others! And I think another glass or two of wine and I would have totally understood the whojimmywhatis lining up with the magnetic field. (Can you SEE that look of concentration on my face?)

    It was great drinking with you!

  14. Thanks for coming - you are ALWAYS a great addition to a party!!!

  15. I love these photos. Nicole: cutest gal ever, Susan & Sue: their Tina Fey & Vidal Sassoon hotness reminds me to both get new glasses and get a haircut, JessT/MamaBird: so mysterious, Letcia: best partner in crime ever and Stimey: no way drunk or bitter and dont worry, I'll keep reading and drinking alone (burp)


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