This Post Embiggens Us All

So there is a word that I use on a fairly regular basis. I don’t use it more only because it is a made up word and many people won’t know what I’m saying. I would like to change that so I can feel free to use it whenever I want.

The word is “cromulent.”

If you are a Simpsons fan, you know what I am talking about. I will use it to semi-ironically mean that something is acceptable.

As in, “This is a perfectly cromulent blog post.”

Now that you know what I mean by it, I will feel free to add it to my blog-cabulary.*

Consider yourself notified.

* Also a perfectly cromulent word.

11 thoughts on “This Post Embiggens Us All

  1. I use a lot of words that I’ve actually made up too. Drives hubby crazy, but I point out it must be a word because he understood what I meant. He says they are not words until they are in the dictionary. I tell him to read Frindle.

  2. I make up words, too. My favorite is ‘fud-pucker’, which is a mix-up of pud-fucker, a popular phrase in Vermont, where I lived for a time. I love that word, but obviously I can’t say it often, so… I had to make up my own alternative!

    As in, if your school doesn’t give you an aide like you want, the administrator is obviously a TOTAL fud-pucker.

  3. I use cromulent all the time. So often in fact that I sometimes forget it’s not a real word. Now, let’s all celebrate with a cool glass of turnip juice.

  4. We here in sector 7-G find both words to be completely cromulent.

    I too often feel that my use of a personal vocabulary in interpersonal situations can be misinterpreted as ignorant.

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