Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wall of Dumb = Me

I had my day planned around three things:

1) I wanted to make some good headway in cleaning my house. Mission accomplished.

2) We had speech therapy for Jack at 5:30. Mission accomplished.

3) Jack and Sam had a Wall of Fame ceremony at 1:30. I'm a dumbass.

The Wall of Fame at our school honors all the kids who are in the top 10% of their grade. Last year I joked that Sam was one of the best kids in his class at coloring, but it turns out that coloring does not enter into the equation, because Jack made the Wall of Fame this month, and he does not much care to color. Honestly, I don't think he sees the point.

But because Jack is reading at level 9, which they tell me is where he should be when he leaves first grade, and he scored well on the tests they gave to all the kindergarteners, he is a Wall of Famer.

Sam is a Wall of Famer because he is a fucking superstar. He is really good at school.

Last year all of the Wall of Fame ceremonies, where parents bring pizzas to share with the other parents, were on Thursdays. I knew the ceremony was this week, so I prepped Quinn, ordered a pizza, went to pick it up, drove to the school, and...saw that no one else was there.

I called the school from the car and it turns out that the ceremony is tomorrow. It took everything I had to not scarf that pizza down right then and there.

So tomorrow I'll have to plan my day again around the Wall of Fame. I'm obviously pretty excited and proud. Clearly, however, Sam and Jack didn't get their smarts (or ability to read things like dates) from me.


  1. Mostly though, you are really organized. Plus, more time for cleaning.

  2. Hey, much better than missing it altogether! Basically you get a do-over and that doesn't happen very often. Go with it. :)

  3. Hey, I give you huge props for being a day early rather than missing it completely. Have a great time celebrating your kids' accomplishments tomorrow. I'm thrilled for Jack and think it is awesome that Sam is already reading on level 9. Good thing you went to that GT meeting! :)

  4. So, did you have pizza for dinner tonight? ;-) Hey, at least you were early...

  5. At least you didn't miss it. Congrats on cleaning the house. I sat and watched TV/slept all day. I missed the memo about moms not being sick.


  6. What they all said. It's always better to be a day early than a day late!

  7. The problem is that the school changed stuff. Not, of course, with you.

  8. Way to go, Sam and Jack! YM

  9. At least you were a day EARLY, not a day LATE. And you had pizza for lunch! YAY!

  10. AT least you were a day early and not a day late!

  11. High five girlfriend, I know I'll be doing something very similar sometime in the near future.

  12. Don't feel so least you are not as lame as me who missed her three-year-old's school cat mascot funeral...


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