Sunday, November 23, 2008

7 Years Old and Already a Delinquent

Part of Sam's homework most days is that he brings home a book and has to read it to me. He writes down the name of the book and I sign my initials next to the name so that the teacher knows he read it.

Apparently one day I forgot to sign it, so Sam took it upon himself to forge my signature. And he did a damn good job. Can you tell which one is the fake?

If he's this good at forging my signature now, imagine my life when he's a teenager. Or, worse, when I'm old and senile and he forges my signature to put me in a home. I'm going to be completely helpless against him.

Interestingly, the only mark on his report card that wasn't satisfactory or outstanding was handwriting. The teacher says he "needs improvement."

I beg to fucking differ.


  1. Apparently when I was his age - I stuffed my homework in a bush. I didn't like homework. Some of us start early.

  2. Noa tried to forge my signature last year on a note, and crossed out her first two attempts after misspelling my name. That's what tipped the teacher off.

    But that was the wrong tip-off. I spell my own name wrong all the time. I usually just hope nobody notices.

    xoxo, SG

  3. Ha! My sister forged my dad's name in 3rd grade...the tip off was that the 'm' in his name had like 6 "humps".

  4. I couldn't tell which was the forged sig until you highlighted it!

    Enterprising young man :)

  5. That is too funny!!


  6. Josie did this repeatedly two years ago in her planner, and her teacher never even noticed! The only way I found out was when tests came home *with my signature already on them*!!! WTF?! She was SOOOOOOO grounded.

  7. My mom always signed my stuff. Whenever I needed a quick forgery, I use my dad's name. Worked every time.

    And oh, you're totally screwed.

  8. Love it.

    Our school OT once had the audacity to ask my husband and I, in defense of her inadequate services, whether we had good fine motor skills. Of course, neither of us do. Our only reply, after shocked silence, was, "Why would we want to pass our own disabilities down to our kids when OT can help this?"

    So when my boys start forging my siggies, it will not because their handwriting is so great, but because mine so totally sucks.

  9. that is pretty fucking impressive.

  10. Swoon. I think Sam would be perfect for my little delinquent Gigi.

  11. I forged my mom's signature on a paper that was sent home the first day of 4th grade but it wasn't nearly as good as his! Yeah, maybe you are really screwed! :)

  12. He figured it out--you just write with your left hand--works every time!


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