Help Me. Please.

Hi everyone. Stimey here. I am sorry to have to admit how dumb I am, but why is it that I cannot for the life of me comment on Blogger blogs that use the new commenting option?

Like this:

Please, please, please tell me what I’m doing wrong. I keep trying to leave comments and it just erases them over and over.

I feel like a moron.


Thanks to My Party of 6 for the image. I tried to comment about how adorable your daughter is. I really did.

15 thoughts on “Help Me. Please.

  1. I did. I’ve tried to use my Google ID, my name/URL, and Open ID. Every time I enter my info in the little boxes, write my comment, click publish, and then the whole thing disappears. I’m completely frustrated.

  2. Eeek! I just changed to that option this morning! I’m going to switch it back. Can’t trust this newfangled Blogger comment stuff. No wonder I’m not getting any comments today.

  3. I couldn’t leave a comment at my friends blog, but I thought it was because I’m “anonymous”. My friend ended up changing the option back to the old way. Good to know that I don’t need to become a “blogger” just to make a comment. ;) (I did look at starting one a few days ago, but couldn’t think of a good name…)


  4. I just changed to this, so it’s kind of in my best interests to get this sorted.

    Maybe if you’re already signed in to your google account before you go to make a comment?

    Try clicking preview, which makes you sign in, then go back to publish?

    Smack blogger for being an idiot?

  5. Missy, I know. I tried to comment at your place too. I was already signed in to Blogger, and I did click preview because I thought that might work. And it didn’t. And now I want to throw a rock at my computer.

  6. I doubt it’s your fault, I have no idea what would be causing the problem. But I’m betting that you might regret it if you damage your computer in your frustration!!

  7. Joeymom: You are so clever. That didn’t even occur to me, but I regularly have to switch between Firefox and Safari for some things. I’ll try this. Thank you!

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