Sunday, November 30, 2008


I seem to have some sort of death cough that has its sharp little talons wrapped around my lungs. Either that, or I actually did cough up a lung and the other one is working extra hard to compensate.

Consequently, I don't feel like writing, but I do feel the need to have you all help me out with some things I've been curious about.

1. How much time per day do you spend cleaning?

2. How much time per day do you spend on yourself?

3. When did your child (or you) learn to ride his/her two-wheeler bike?

4. When did your child (or you) learn to tie his/her shoes?

5. When did your child (or you) learn to swallow pills?

Answer one or all five. I'm curious.


  1. 1. 1-2 hours per day and then at least 10 hours a week on top of that. Most of that is recleaning the same shit over and over and over and over.... and my house still looks like I never clean.
    2. I would say 2 hours or more if you count all of my little stops on the internet and watching a TV show or reading a book at night.
    3. I have a nearly 9 and nearly 5 year old, and it hasn't happened yet.
    4. I have a nearly 9 and nearly 5 year old, and it hasn't happened yet.
    5. 7 years old

  2. Hope you feel better by the way....

  3. 1. It's all fits and starts - like making the bed, unloading the dishwasher, etc. I'd go with Ange's 1-2 hours per day.

    2. Like hygiene? Maybe a half hour. Me time? About 1 1/2 hrs.

    3. Six and still on training wheels. I'm sure he could do it but it's Daddy's dept.

    4. Six and still can't. I remember being five when I learned.

    5. Haven't tried yet.

  4. 1. maybe an hour (not big on cleaning)
    2. well after the kids go to bed I do what so may 3 hours a day

    3.all 3 of mine ride 2 wheelers with training wheels (7,6,and 4)
    4. I think the older 2 where around 6 the youngest at 4 has no clue

    5. not there yet. still doing the chewables

    btw you are doing a great job. I have commented before that I work in a HS that houses the districts special ed. Your are more involved then most parents. I do not work with these kids but I know many of the one on ones and often hear that the parents are not involved as they should be and sadly do not get there child help because it may make them look bad. Keep up the good work

  5. Let's see:

    1. 1-2 hours. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

    2. As much as I can.

    3. Sadly, we're still workingon that - oldest is going to be 7. But we really cannot ride in our yard.

    4. Age 5.

    5. N/A.

  6. Cleaning? Sputter (that is, nearly none)
    Self? Does three hours commuting along count?
    Bike? Hasn't happened yet - though she can do training wheels. Probably next summer (at 5 1/2).
    Shoes? Hasn't happened yet.
    Pills? Hasn't happened yet - but we're a fan of chewable tylenol tablets.

  7. 1. not enough. I do laundry and dishes almost every day and am constantly straightening, organizing. I vacuum about 3 times per week. As for dusting and bathrooms etc, I have to really kick my butt to get motivated for that.
    2. again, not enough. I take a little time during Aiden's nap, or when I'm lucky enough for him to take a nap and often stay up way too late at night enjoying the quiet house by myself and catching up on DVR'd shows.
    3. The two older boys were about 6.
    4. Kindergarten for the 2 oldest.
    5. older two do chewables, 3 year old does liquid or chewables...he actually likes medicine..FREAK! I don't swallow pills myself so I know I won't push them too. My hubby will have to do that.

    Get feeling better!

  8. 1. Probably an 30 minutes to an hour a day, but then on weekends when I actually have time I usually spend maybe a total of 2 hours cleaning stuff. I usually keep things clean as I go then just do the "big projects" when needed.

    2. if you could doing school work (haha) then all the time. But in all reality, my shower time is me time. Everyone knows that I will stay in the shower till the hot water runs out. It's time for me.

    3. 6ish (me)

    4. 5ish (me)

    5. 12ish. I hated swallowing pills! (me)

  9. I remember it took me until I was 10 but I learned to swallow pills using tictacs as they didn't taste nasty. ;)

  10. The dos mamas do
    1. 1-3+ hours per day and one weekend day depending on which one is home ACW being better at housework than SHP
    2. Depends on how you class "me time"- like if time to frantically do research or work on the second job is "me time" then maybe 1-3 hours.
    3. As you know they've got neurodegenerative disease... but they also have an incredible large tricycle donated by the university children's hospital.
    4. same problem as 3.
    5. we don't prescribe pills for kids until they are quite old- can't easily titrate pill doses to weight
    dos mamas

  11. 1. Between my husband and I, all total, and on average about 2 hours. 1 hour and 30 minutes of that is the daily stuff - cleaning up toys, after meals, dishes, etc. About an average of 30 minutes per day on 2x week vacuuming, laundry, etc. (DH does about 30 min. of the 2 hour total. He does most of the evening clean up.)

    2. On an average day, about 2.5 hours for myself. On a high day, it would break down as 20 min. hygiene, 1 hour gym, 30 min. or so "break time" during nap time, and an hour of tv or internet at night post bedtime. On a low day though or on a day I teach a class in the evening, I'll only get my 20 min. for hygiene and a 30 min. break during nap.

    5. The girls are obviously still too young to take pills, but my husband didn't learn until a few years ago when he was 36. It was a long, long process involving applesauce and yogurt.

  12. Oh - and I swear there is some sort of cough thing going around. It's like a mild cold but with a really bad cough that lasts forever. You're about the 15th person I "know" who has had it.

  13. Geez, I hope your other lung survives! Seriously, feel better.

    1. What? Hello? Hello? We must have a bad connection, I can't hear you...what? Oh, we're not on the phone. Damn. As little as possible and that still amounts to roughly 2 hours not counting any laundry.

    2. Define "me time." Seriously. If it includes staying connected to other humans over the age of 5 or who can construct a reasonable facsimile of coherent conversation? About 3 hours —including bathroom time!

    3. Not yet and I don't remember. Must've been about 7 as that's my first memory of it.

    4. Not yet and roughly 5.
    5. Not a clue. Guessing around 7-8?

  14. 1. 30 minutes.
    2. 10 minutes.
    3. They still haven't (5 & 3)
    4. Still haven't.
    5. My oldest never has, my 3 year old took her first one today like a champ.

  15. 1. shit, I don't know, i pickup/cleanup all day long, but don't do real cleaning (like dusting vacuuming much at all)
    2. hmm, do I count running and blogging/twitter? then i'd say 2 hours (all combined)
    3. Scott still can't ride w/o training wheels (he's 7.5). i think i learned around 8 yrs. old
    4. Scott's OT taught him at 6 (or else he would have never learned)
    5. i still can't swallow pills very well!

  16. Omg. Cleaning? An average? MAYBE 30 minutes a day. MAYBE.

    Spend on myself? If you count the time I sit on the Internet and play as ME time, 3 hours a day. Sometimes more. (hey - my kids are grown!)

    One kid (my son) never learned to ride any bike. My daughter - geez - 6 maybe without training wheels? I was 7.

    I have NO idea when my kids learned to tie their shoes - I know I was 4, close to 5.

    Andy learned to swallow pills early because it was easier than getting him to swallow liquid antibiotics and he had chronic ear infections. Between 2 and 3 I'd say.

    Man, you made my brain hurt.

  17. 1. I hate cleaning, so as little as possible. I feel like I am constantly doing dishes and laundry and cleaning up the same crap I just cleaned up. I do have a new cooking dinner schedule so I am spending more time doing that.
    2. Time on myself is mostly when the kids are in bed and I get to watch tv or surf the net. I enjoy my ride to work by myself. On the weekends, I get to take a longer shower.
    3. E learned this past summer (so five.) B is still on training wheels. I think I was around 5 or 6. My husband's brother was two 1/2 (hubby taught him)!

    4. Not yet. velcro all the way!

    5. Not yet. My grandma (76 y.o) still has a hard time swallowing pills. She has to tilt her head back and push them down by massaging her neck. It is pretty funny to watch.

  18. Hiya! I hope you feel better soon.

    Okay, your questions:

    1: cleaning. Varies. On a laundry day it can be two hours. On a run of the mill day, maybe an hour sum total including dishes. I have a cleaning service come once every two weeks.

    2: Free time. big believer in free time! I'd say a good three hours but at least two of those are when I stay up late after the kids go to bed.

    3: bike riding? The eldest learned around 8 or so and still sucks at it at 13. She's uncoordinated, though. The middle child (boy) was off training wheels at five. The youngest just did it this summer at 6.5 years.

    4: shoe tying. This was the bane of my existence! Velcro makes it so easy to avoid and the shoelaces they put on shoes these days just don't seem to stay Tiiiiiiiiiiied! (whine) Okay, daughter was doing it by around 9 or so and I just FORCED my just turned ten year old to learn how because he is in great big man shoes now and they are a fortune. I'm not shelling out even more for the one or two pair that have velcro! He gets the sale shoes, dammit!
    The youngest (nearly 7)- I haven't even tried.

    5: pill swallowing- my eldest girl just learned to do it a year ago and she is 13. All kinds of gagging and crying ensued. Conversely, my now 10 year old was swallowing pills successfully by age 7 or 8 because he was taking some allergy pill or something. It was easier for him. Haven't even tried with the youngest.

  19. Sorry you don't feel good.

    1. 1 hour a day, but usually broken up into 15 minute periods. Sometimes if I'm feeling lazy, I actually set the timer for fifteen minutes and clean until it goes off.

    2. Average 15 hours per week, if you include blogging/writing in this category. If you do not, then however long it takes me to brush my teeth and wash my face, plus one hour after bedtime to read/watch tv.

    3. Me: 5ish

    Don't remember the answers to 4 or 5.

  20. 1. Too much.
    2. Not enough. Like, none. Any time I get while kids are sleeping or quiet is shoveled into my research. And, of course, your blog and mine. Oh, and sometimes sleep.
    3. Aw, heck, this is depressing -- wanna come over and just play wii for a while? It sounds like we're both due.


  21. 1. During the week, I really only spend as long as it takes to wash dishes from the night before. I pick up the wee one's small collection of toys several times a day and put them back in his basket until the next time he pulls them all out. Sometimes I vacuum. But we live in a tiny apartment and our son is not even 8 months old, so it's a pretty different situation from what you've got going on.

    2. Sometimes I get 20 minutes for a bath. I guess all night while I'm at work is "me time" in a way.

    3. I remember getting a 2-wheeler for Christmas when I was 9 or 10, but I think I may have learned how to ride one a year or so before that.

    4&5. Don't remember.

  22. 1. maybe 1 hour to clean up clutter daily; 2-3 hours/week for the overall cleaning (bathrooms, vacuuming, dusting)
    2. not as much as I'd like
    3. son age 6; daughter age 4
    4. right before kindergarten
    5. haven't tried that yet; I couldn't swallow pills until I got to high school

  23. 1 - Not enough. Maybe 30-45mins on weekdays and another hour the evening before the cleaning people come. Weekends are either none or 10+.

    2 - A few hours of blog reading in the evening. Sometimes reading or video games after the menfolk are asleep.

    3 - He's 8 and hasn't yet. But 5-6 seems about normal.

    4 - Around 6 (1st grade)

    5 - I think it was around 5, but he's 8 now and still doesn't like to do it. Not that he can't; he just likes chewing pills better.

  24. 1. Ahahahahahahahaha. Per day? Ahahahahaha. Seriously? An hour or so but a good bulk of that is probably spent picking up Legos. Occasionaly I'll have a random spurt of energy and clean for 4-5 hours at a time though. Occasionaly.

    2. Like hair/make-up? Less than 5 minutes a day. Showering/brushing teeth/general upkeep? 15 minutes. And it's not because I'm slef sacrificing. It's because much more than that and I get bored.

    3. I learned when I was six or so and my son learned when he was seven.

    4. Neither the eight year old or the three year old can tie their shoes. We were working on getting the boy to do it in OT but for a long time it was the only thing keeping him in OT so we kind of just dropped the whole thing. Now he wears velcro shoes.

    5. The boy has been doing it like a champ since he was five. I still can't do it very well and I have to cram the pill way down my throat in order to be able to swallow it. I've never tried to get the girl to swallow a pill.

  25. 1. cleaning?? what's that? probably about an hour a day, except Wednesdays which is my cleaning morning.
    2. probably 2 hours for myself--that includes blogging and really is only blogging. :-)
    3. my kids are still on training wheels.
    4. kids still don't tie shoes, but they do put them away.
    5. No one swallows pills, but Alex swallows peas whole so I'm guessing he COULD if I begged. :-)

  26. 1. Probably 2 hours per day including laundry.

    2. Probably 2 hours per day, including showering/blogging (when I actually do that.)

    3. 7 for one, now-7-year-old is still doing training wheels.

    4. 5 for one; 7-year-old working still on this.

    5. 7 for one, now-7-year-old can't swallow pills yet.

  27. 1. When I'm not nearly 10 months pregnant, I spend about an hour and a half a day cleaning, and this includes laundry. Also, I have a cleaning lady that comes once every two weeks. If not for her, I'd spend way more time cleaning. No, I wouldn't, but my house would be super filthy.

    2. Hmm, like 2 hours, including grooming, blogging, and reading (books and blogs).

    3. Kid is too little (17.5 mos) - I think I was six.

    4. Shoes - I think I was five.

    5. I don't recall.

  28. We've all had the death-cough thing, too. Josie and I had it for about three long, lingering weeks. Vicks dry cough helped me immensely, along with about a bag of Werther's Originals.

    Now, for the questions:
    1. How much time per day do you spend cleaning? Some days, several hours, but others, none at all. As in, on weekends I do very little, unless someone is coming over, and then on Mondays it's all-out war.

    2. How much time per day do you spend on yourself? Hm, like doing fun things, or just in making myself presentable? Maybe I can get a couple of hours some days, other days more, depending on what I categorize as something for me.

    3. When did your child (or you) learn to ride his/her two-wheeler bike? Josie and Patrick both learned to ride without training wheels at age 5. I didn't have a bike as a child, so I'm still not that great at it!

    4. When did your child (or you) learn to tie his/her shoes? Josie was about 5, but Patrick still can't do it at almost 6.

    5. When did your child (or you) learn to swallow pills? Josie is only just getting the hang of it, since most children's pills are mostly chewable these days.

  29. 1. Not nearly as much as I probably should, but I easily spend an hour or two doing dishes every day.

    2. It depends. Does this count as time for myself? Then maybe an hour.

    3. n/a - sometime after 4 1/2

    4. see answer #3

    5. see answers #3 and #4


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