Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Saddest Day of the Year...For the Dog

Ah, Thanksgiving. No doubt you've read countless posts about what your favorite bloggers are thankful for or about what they ate today. I've decided instead to poke fun at my dog. My poor, long-suffering dog who had to sit in my house all day long and sniff the air, which smelled like delicious, delicious food.

It was bad enough when it looked like this...

...but this is flat out torture.

Dog: "Maybe if I stare at it long enough,
it will fall directly into my mouth."

This, by the way is the first of one and a half drumsticks that Quinn ate.
The injustice!

Dog: "Yum. Celery. Thanks a lot, assholes."

The cats were also justifiably bummed out.

My family is thankful for many things, but based on what my kids said at the dinner table, they are more thankful for TV than anything else.

I'm thankful that Alex does all the cooking on Thanksgiving. (Seriously. He does. It's awesome to be me.)

But really, I am so thankful for my family, for how lucky my family is, for my friends—both "in real life" and online, and for so much more that there's not room to list it all here.

I'm also thankful that no one but me likes raspberry Jell-O with fruit cocktail in it. That way I get to eat it all. I know it's completely embarrassing to prepare such a dish, but I've never claimed to be high brow, so there you have it.

Jack, however, really enjoyed poking at the Jell-O.


Note: We did give the dog some turkey. Not enough to make her throw up, as in years past, but enough to make her happy. And she got the raw turkey neck too.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving and where do I get myself an Alex? I need someone who can cook in my life.

  2. Happy thanksgiving! But what about the cats? Did they get any treats?!

  3. Yes! I knew you would come through with the funny, witty yet still-heartfelt post! Props!

    BTW, just how big *was* that turkey? (I don't mean Alex!) And, hey, you gotta give the dog credit for persistence, right?

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Our dogs were tortured all day and still did not get any turkey. Now I feel guilty. Glad to hear you had a nice Thanksgiving.


  6. We brought the dog to my MIL's where he was kept away from the scallops but allowed a little of most else. The cat stayed home and puked on RC's comforter.

    Did you really feed the dog raw turkey??? Isn't that like, superbad?

  7. I love jello with fruit cocktail in it. :)

  8. Manic Mommy and others concerned with the raw turkey thing:

    My theory on raw poultry for dogs comes from a vet I used to work for. He was a big advocate of a raw chicken diet for dogs. You have to make sure that the poultry is fresh and less likely to be carrying salmonella. Also, he claimed that the raw bones don't splinter. They splinter only when they're cooked. Which makes sense if you think about wild animals eating raw meat.

    Or he might have just been a crazy man. (Seriously, this is NOT out of the realm of possibility.)

    We feed her the raw turkey neck every year.

    Does anyone have any knowledge about this sort of thing? I'd love to hear what you think.

  9. I didn't think you'd be cold-hearted enough to make it through the day without giving the dog SOMEthing. I'm glad to see you were swayed by the soulful eyes - and able to ignore the drool. :)

    Glad you had a great Thanksgiving, WONDERFUL to have a husband who wants to cool it all.

  10. Isn't it nice to have the guys cook? Aaron cooks for us most of the time, although for T-Day we visited other family, and they cooked for us.

    Christmas is the true torture for our cats. We're at home with a ham and a turkey cooking.

  11. A belated happy thanksgiving to you and that poor dog. I'm glad you gave him a tiny bit, 'cause that photo was enough to make one weep.

  12. I loved the celery pic caption.

    I used to have a dog that would stare at you, make a high pitched whining noise that was barely audible and tremble while you were eating. That dog would eat anything except jellybeans.

    Your turkey looked beautiful! Great job Alex!

  13. I made sure and take a piece of chocolate pie with me to work today...just in case someone decided to eat it all, I HAD to have my piece!

  14. that was hilarious!! What a cute dog too. I'm glad he ended up getting some turkey!

    It's awesome having hubbies that cook isn't it??

  15. My grandmother on the other side of the family is a long time dog owner (some might say dog fanatic) and has spent a lot of time learning about doggy health issues over the year. She would absolutely agree with you and your vet on the raw poultry thing. Her dogs eat a combination of a raw meat diet and some kibble. Dogs' systems aren't as sensitive as ours and are basically built to handle raw meats that, like you said, are fresh. And the bone thing is absolutely true. Never give a dog cooked bones, only raw.

    And by the way, was your turkey in some sort of a special turkey basket or was that just the dish drying wrack in those photos?

  16. This cracked me up! My dog actually had a fabulous day. Relatives petted her and played fetch with her and she had many scraps. We did kick her out when she got under the dining room table, though.

  17. Claire, that would be the little wire thing that came with our roasting pan. It seemed like a good thing to put a turkey in. :)


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