Monday, November 3, 2008

Scary Engines, Perfect Posts, and Thanks

Recently I gave away most of my Thomas the Tank Engine DVDs and videos because everyone in my house was afraid of them. They are now in a home where I hear they are much loved.

Today we were watching Sprout when Thomas came on. Quinn insisted that he wanted to watch it, but his behavior seemed counter-indicative to his statement.

You can aaaallllllmost see him.

When I tried to call Q on his aversive behavior, he said that he did want to watch it, but that he wanted "to watch it from far, far away."

I don't believe him when he says he's not afraid.


Thanks to the fabulous Tech Savvy Mama for awarding my San Francisco or Bust post as an October Perfect Post. At least we got something out of those plane trips.

Thank you, Leticia! You are awesome!

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Also, thanks to my mother-in-law, who sent terrific Halloween packets for my kids (and the grownups). She always manages to send these things that the children absolutely adore. One of the things in these packages were toilet/plunger Fun Dip thingys. I thought they were insane, but the little dudes were really excited. And that's kind of what matters.

Confidential to my mother-in-law: We're all thinking of you and sending you love! And you always make the little guys very happy!


  1. my girls love max and ruby, but recently they watched a halloween one - the blue taruntla and it scared my sass (spd) to the core, of course she wanted to watch it again as she hid behind me. she can now watch it wihtout hiding.....i think they are testing themselves and know they can do it with practice.

  2. My son is 9 1/2 and is terrified of Wallace and Gromett (sp?)

  3. I laughed so hard when I saw the toilet bowl plunger candy!!! That is hilarious. My kids would have loved it also. You gotta love Grandmas!!


  4. I'm loving that candy! LOL I'm just not sure I could eat it!

    I don't think Thomas is near as scary as the Teletubbies.

  5. I'm SO glad that Oliver isn't the only three year old afraid of Thomas. He likes the books and toys, but runs for the hills if I try to put in a DVD. Something happened last year that freaked him out (who knows what) but he flat out refuses to be in the room if Thomas is on TV. I have been assuming that it has something to do with the creepy eyes. I find that a little scary myself.

    And I agree about the perfect post. I LOVED that one and still giggle when I think of Quinn walking around with a giant Twix bar asking everyone, "is this your favorite?"

  6. Dude, you gotta ask the MIL where she got the toilet candy. It could solve a lot of the problems we've been having around here.

    Congrats on the perfect post. It WAS my favorite, Quinn!

  7. I used to know a little kid who was terrified of the Teletubbies! (I sort of agreed with her about that!) At least Quinn is trying to conquer his fear of Thomas by watching it from across the house!!!

  8. Dude, chuck a Thomas in the candy jar and those babies are ALL YOURS!

    Bwaaaaa haaaaaa haaaaaaaa!

    Sweet potatoes and Michael Jackson are just too big to fit in mine. *sigh*

  9. That Thomas-watching picture of Quinn...UTTER CLASSIC!!!


  10. Love the pic of Quinn - at least - what you can see of him!!


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