Saturday, November 22, 2008

To Sum Up

As part of my long-term plan for internet domination, or a presence on 86 blogs, whichever comes first, I'm all over the web this week.

My feet are at Jodifur.

My story about how I dealt with a stranger making a rude remark to Jack is at Trusera.

I'm bitching about leaves at DC Metro Moms.

I'm challenging you to declutter with a contest at The Junk Pyramid.

I'm giving away "Ick" at Things and Stuff Reviews.

Five down, 81 to go.


  1. I read your Jack and the insensitive, ignorant, just plain mean stranger story. Clearly, he's never been around kids of any variety.

    I guess a tackle across the row of seats would have qualified as the wrong way to handle?


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