Top Two Reasons Sam Got Out of Bed Tonight

He should be sleeping, but some things are too important. For instance…

1. “I don’t know where my subtraction book is. I‘ll never be able to subtract again!

2. “Quinn has lots of boogers in his nose. Can you come get them out?”

18 thoughts on “Top Two Reasons Sam Got Out of Bed Tonight

  1. Once again, our kids are in cahoots. B said to me, yesterday morning, in bed, “hey, mommy, you know what? I don’t pick my boogers and put them in my mouth anymore” I said, “that’s great” he said, “you know what, I still pick them and put them on the floor and stuff” Ewww. I suggested he use some tissues. Our children are gross!

  2. I sure hope you helped with his issues, or you’ll need to add more money to the “therapy” fund. ;)


  3. I don’t think ever worried about where my math book was when I was a kid… And the boogers thing? I assume that means snoring? That’s totally my husband. I wish I could get someone in the middle of the night to take care of the snoring.

  4. There’s absolutely nothing kid won’t us moms to do, is there?

    You have to admire his delegating skills (as well as his commitment to academics).

    I predict this boy will go far.

  5. that was supposed to be, “There’s absolutely nothing kids won’t ask us moms to do, is there?”

    i am undercaffeinated.

  6. Tell him addition is far more important than subtraction…..One booger plus 10 boogers equals mommy coming to beat me with a broom handle.

  7. Daniel woke me up at 3am this morning, because apparently his hermit crab was cold, and needed a blanket. I guess he can read the crustacean’s thoughts……

  8. Wonderful!

    Lots of ‘boogers’ over here since we’ve succumbed to Scarlet Fever.

    Sue promised that it was ‘OK’ to eat the “tiny nostril” because, “I’m not sick anymore, Mommy!”


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