Saturday, November 1, 2008

Tricks and Treats


About a month ago my kids and I were chatting about Halloween costumes. Jack wanted to be Superman. I was thrilled because Sam was Superman last year, so we already had the costume.

Then Sam said he wanted to be Superman. And then Quinn said he wanted to be Superman.

Damn kids and their conforming.

I knew for a fact that I wasn't going to buy a second or a third Superman costume, so I started listing other things they could be: Batman, a dragon, Thomas the Tank Engine, a Jedi, and more.

Jack still wanted to be Superman. Quinn decided Thomas would be great, but he wanted to be "snowy Thomas." And Sam finally said, "Fine, I'll be the dragon."

Awesome kids and their picking costumes we already have.

I was completely stoked and pretty pleased with myself until October 30 when Sam got off the bus and announced he wanted to be Luke Skywalker. It was bad enough that Sam's response to, "But we don't have a Luke Skywalker costume," was, "But we can buy one!" Even worse was the way Quinn's eyes opened wide and he realized he was allowed to change his mind too.

Damn kids and their giving each other ideas.

Later, when I thought more about it, I realized that I could create a Jedi costume out of things we already had. I told Sam I could do it, but that it wouldn't be ready for school. He was thrilled and happily said he'd be a dragon at school and a Jedi for trick or treating and then gave me a giant hug.

Awesome kid giving me love.

Halloween morning Quinn decided he wanted to be Superman. Fortunately we have an extra Superman cape and some Superman gloves that Jack wasn't using. But when we got to school and he saw another kid wearing a Thomas costume, he decided he wanted to be Thomas for trick or treating.

Hilarious kid being a crazy person.


Taking Quinn to his preschool for the Halloween parade.

You can almost tell he's wearing a costume.

Watching Jack in his first elementary school Halloween parade.

This was the photo where he wasn't picking his nose.

Seeing Jack be a good big brother at his Halloween party.

Jack seemed unusually calm when I told him
Quinn and I were going to Sam's party.
Turns out that was because he assumed he was coming too.
Turns out he was right.

Watching Sam play Halloween Bingo and stuff his face at his class party.

I didn't think I'd be walking out of school with my pockets stuffed full of candy.
Had I known, I would have brought bigger pockets.

Making a kick-ass (If I do say so myself) Jedi costume for Sam in about 10 minutes.

I know he looks surly, but he was really very happy.

Finding out that Thomas the Tank Engine keeps a light saber at the ready.

This, incidentally, is a poorly made costume.
Quinn tripped over it and fell three times, requiring much frantic
looking for candy in piles of leaves with a flashlight.

Seeing Jack completely happy with his ONE costume.

Apparently superheroes can climb trees, but need help getting down.

Inviting myself and three kids over to someone else's house for Halloween dinner.

In my defense, I did bring the makings for mummy hot dogs.

Trick or treating with daddy, who pretty much ran home to be there on time.

I either need a better camera or photography lessons.
Or both.

So, to tally up: three kids, five costumes, two Halloween parades, three class parties, one dinner of the traditional mummy hot dogs, one trick or treat session, and a shitload of candy.

Totally a treat.


  1. Awesome!!! How was the wedding?


  2. I can't do any better than that! Awesome Halloween for Stimey and gang! But I think you'll like my recap of Oct. 31 around here (Southern Calif.).

    My 84-year-old mom, who is in a wheelchair, wearing a hideous orange polo shirt that my brother bought her (wearing it AND loving it because he bought if for her), troll jack o'lantern earrings (the trolls have magenta hair), and with plastic vampire teeth in her mouth, shouting "NO" every time a "Yes on Prop 8" commercial came on.

    I'm quite sure she and Quinn got extra doses when the "feistiness" factor was handed out!

    Thanks for the pix!

    --Zoomer (college pal of Stimey's)

  3. I think your pictures are great - mine certainly aren't any better. And what a great mom to make sure everyone had the costume(s) they wanted. At least one was easy. That's the way it usually is with my three: one or two will be perfect but there are always one or two who really try my patience...

    By the way - we had two Supermen since George decided he didn't like his Yoda ears a week or two before the holiday.

  4. great Jedi costume. what did you use for the cloak? That's where I got stuck when I was trying to make our Jedi costume. Love the mummy hot dogs. That's what we had for dinner too. Last year it was spahgetti and eyeballs (meatballs with olives in them). Who knows what we will have next year. I do know that I am glad that Halloween is over for this year. Now, to start planning Thanksgiving, Ugh! No rest for the weary.

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  6. I was wondering when we were going to hear about the Halloween going's on at the house of Stimey - figured there would be much fun and some chaos. And pictures!!! Thanks for proving me right - and I love that pic of Jack in the tree. He looks relaxed, almost like a cat draped over the back of a couch!

  7. Great job on the Jedi costume!! Your boys looked great!

  8. Clever Stimey. Coming up with the cool Jedi costume at the 11th hour.

    Awesome Stimey. Telling the funny and relatable stories.

  9. Looks like a leftover karate white belt there on that Jedi action?

    Love the intensity of the juice box acquisition!

    Where's the fife, though?

  10. Awesome Jedi costume. I have Superman, Thomas AND Luke Skywalker in my bin o' costumes. And after saving every costume ever worn, NO ONE will agree to wearing a previously-worn one. So I think I need to head over to the Junk Pyramid and inspire myself to get rid of them!

    Love the Mummy Dogs!

  11. You do such a great job of going with the flow! It looks like you were able to make everyone happy!

  12. OK - we changed our minds on the costume about 40 times before the actual event. And when I say we, I mean she. Did I mention she is trying to drive me insane? And when I say trying, I mean she has successfully driven me over the edge.

    Your gaggle of jedi superhero transportation devicess are awesome.

  13. Well done you! We had the 'Thomas' one a few years back, although he had a hard time with the cap. Looking forward to next year already.
    Best wishes

  14. Great job on the Jedi costume, and I love the photo of Jack throwing his web.


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