Friday, November 14, 2008

Working the System

Quinn and I were happily enjoying a playdate yesterday morning when my phone pinged. As always, I didn't leave my cell phone in my purse, but had it in my sweatshirt pocket. Although the phone hadn't rung, the message made it through, more than half an hour after the call.

I listened to the voice mail, which was from the nurse at the elementary school. Dammit. Jack was sick. I had to go get him.

I abandoned my friend and stuffed Quinn in the car. As soon as I saw that I had cell service (evidently my friend's house is somewhat of a cellular black hole), I called the school.

I had just been connected to the nurse when my phone went dead. I called back and apologized for my lame cell phone. The nurse laughed and said that she had actually pulled the cord out of the handset. All righty then.

Jack had said he was nauseous that morning and had spent some time going back and forth to the bathroom, hugging the toilet bowl. He's done that before, and it almost always results in his throwing up in the car on the way home.

When I showed up at the school, nearly an hour after the nurse had called in the first place, Jack's face lit up.

"Are you sick?" I asked.

"I'm not sick!" he chirped.

Of course.

It was pretty clear that I wasn't going to leave him at the school. I can only imagine the hubbub that would have ensued. Plus, I still believed that he was going to hurl as soon as he strapped himself into his car seat.

So I took him home and tried to get him to lie down. That worked for about four seconds because He. Wasn't. Sick.

He and Quinn spent the day, perky as hell, happily playing together and watching some TV.

I think Quinn likes to be without clothes most of the time
as a wedgie-prevention measure.

They ran an errand with me and were perfectly behaved. They ate an identical lunch and played Legos and Lego Star Wars.

They were happy as damn clams. Jack to be home during the day. Quinn to have a buddy that wasn't me.

Considering that Jack ignored his baby brother for nearly two years, they sure do get along now.

All I know is, I better not get a call from the nurse tomorrow. Because if I do, there will be no Lego Star Wars. Instead, I'll make him scrub the floor.


  1. Crafty little bugger, isn't he!? Well, at least they weren't giving each other wedgies! LOL

  2. I was just talking to a friend about how Meenie seems to be abusing the nurse privilege. She goes to the nurse after lunch every day (on my request) to get vasaline on her chapped lips. Yesterday she came home and said she told the nurse her eye hurt while she was there. And so did her friend M and J who were also at the nurse. Last year, she was the buddy for another child who was sick and when they got to the nurse, she decided she was sick as well (she got sent home - she was fine - and the other child didn't). They're totally abusing the nurse.

    What I learned in kindergarten - if you are the buddy for a sick kid, you seem to develop their illness on the short walk to the nurses office.

  3. Mooooooooooom, wedgie-prevention is really important so don't poke fun.

    And that boy knows how to work you (just like Gigi knows how to work me). Scrubbing floors should be incentive enough to stay in school today (I hope).

  4. The other day Bubba said "Mom, can I have a headache so I don't have to go to school?"

    Ah, take it for what it is... some time for Quinn and Jack to bond as brothers. You're never too young (or too old) to play hookey. (what is hookey exactly anyhow?)

  5. is the wedgie thing b/c someone might give him a wedgie or b/c he feels clothes give him a wedgie, b/c my sass wants dresses all the time and part is the wedgie feeling. she has TWO pair of pants that i have got her in - black leggings from target, she wears them under her dressses - looks like she is wearing a sari....

  6. Ah! Captioning! Very clever.

    Bud went through a phase in which he insisted that the nurse should send him home because he had earwax. After several failed attempts, he abandoned the strategy. He has not yet learned the power of the vomit-threat.

  7. Looks like he needed a mental health day after the barfing! And I think you are on to something about kids not wearing clothes as a wedgie prevention measure. That happens a lot in our house too!

  8. Ah, the you know what is very subtle. Nice play.

    And the nurse thing? My guy's got that down... Only he doesn't seem to understand that if he pushes just a bit harder, he could use it to get sent home, instead, he pushes just enough to get a little break from class. He needs a lot of bandaids.

  9. Nice. Very, very nice.

    Oh, and I hope Jack "feels better" soon, the little trickster.

  10. They do look like they enjoyed being together, kinda warms your heart, doesn't it?

  11. I love how my kids finally play together. And I'm so happy that there is another little boy out there who prefers to spend his day sans pants.

    They are adorable!

  12. Watch out - some kids LOVE to scrub the floor.

  13. Way to work it, Jack. And mom, nicely done, the caption was brilliant (you get my vote, btw).

  14. Ha! It's amazing how Lego Star Wars can bring siblings together...

  15. Did you digitally add clothing on Quinn? I love it when you add clothing to your children, almost as much as I love the fact that your children so enjoy being naked. This is how I know Oscar's not a total weirdo. What is it with kids and naked?


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