Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Crazy

I'm totally not crazy. No really. No. Hey, stop laughing.


I love Christmas, but I'm not crazy when it comes to Christmas. When I saw that Kelley and Burgh Baby are running a Crazy Christmas feature I was worried that I wouldn't be able to participate. Because I'm not crazy, y'all.

Shut up already.

My Christmas decor is very tasteful and confined to one room of my house. Which may be a little crazy now that I think about it, but like I said, shut up.

But then I drove by a house down the street from me 800 times last week. If this is your house, know that your home has given me a great deal of pleasure this Christmas season. Because where else are you going to see a lawn with Santa Claus, a nativity scene, and the best part of all: a dolphin in a Santa hat. Who seems to be swimming toward the nativity.

Really. Where do you buy a dolphin in a Santa hat? That doesn't even make sense. (And again, if you decorate your lawn in this way, know that I'm not talking about you. Haven't you heard? Stimey's crazy. She just rambles a lot. Crazy Stimey and her crazy rambles...)

Baby Jesus isn't at the nativity yet. It's just Mary and Joseph. (Did I get that right? I'm not good with the Christmas story. I think the three wisemen are Santa and his two smartest elves.)

Anyway, I think this house's Jesus might be hanging out with Anne Nahm's Baby J. And if you ask me, Anne takes the cake for the Christmas Crazy. Not that I'm calling you crazy, Anne.

I'm going to take my own advice and shut up now. Maybe I do have the Christmas Crazy. Just not the good, Santa swam with the dolphins and then they killed him and took his hat kind. Or maybe it's exactly that kind.


Join the fun here.


  1. Actually, Baby Jesus isn't supposed to be in the nativity yet. Afterall, he isn't born yet. IIRC, he's supposed to be added Christmas Day. However most nativities have him added as one piece. He's in ours now.

  2. That is awesome...and may I suggest: the dolphin is a reindeer substitute?

  3. Hey, crazy or not, you're many steps ahead of us...we don't have any decorations up yet. Shut up. ;-)

  4. Looks like how my kids decorate.

  5. I'm just crazy. Does that count?

  6. everyday, you let a little more of your crazy show.

    And I love it!

    I am thinking the Dolphin is Baby Jesus all decked out for Halloween.

  7. I've heard that Santa uses animals other than reindeer when he visits different parts of the world ... like in Australia he uses "6 white boomers" maybe the dolphin is what he uses where you are (although the poor dolphin does seem a long way from any water).

  8. It looks like they just wanted to cover all the bases.

    Let us know if baby Jesus arrives?


  9. LOL! Of course Baby Jesus isn't there yet! Why would anyone even think to question that?? LOL!

    We have a house down the street where they put Santa hats on a bunch of concrete Chinese lion/cat things. And I though THAT was different. Yours wins. Hands down! LOLOLOL!

    Merry Christmas!
    Damama T's Christmas Crazy, too!

  10. The dolphin wins the crazy game. Thank you for the link! I'm glad to be in such good company. :^)

  11. I have seen the dolphin at KMart (that alone says a lot) and have tried and tried and tried to figure out how it fits into the whole scheme of things. Clearly, I just wasn't remember the Baby Jesus' love of all things fishy/mammaly and wearing a Santa hat. Or something.

  12. Dude. My neighbor's house is so brightly lit that you can see it from space. I'd take the dolphin anyway.

    xoxo, SG


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