Friday, December 12, 2008

Gerbil or Stimey? Gerbil or Stimey?

I know it's weird that I've identified so strongly with a gerbil that doesn't even belong to me. But I have. Noki, I love you. Or Robert. I'm not sure which one it is that I use as my avatar. And my favicon. And whatever else I can get away with putting a tiny gerbil face on.

See, I gerbil-sit two gerbils and I can't tell them apart. As long as there are two live gerbils when I send them back, I'm happy. Honestly, I'm not convinced that the gerbils' person can tell them apart either.

Oh, she'll tell you she can. But I think she's lying.

Wait, how the hell did that happen? I am waaaaaay off track.

Anyway, the whole point of this is that I am thinking of making all of my photos and avatars—internet wide—the gerbil Noki. Or the gerbil Robert. Here is that gerbil, in avatar form:

Oh, that photo makes me happy. Let me tell you, gerbil photography isn't easy.

Here is the photo I've been using as an avatar on blogger and technorati and various other places:

The main problem with my face as an avatar is that the gerbil is so goddamn much cuter. And if you look at his little claws, he looks vaguely threatening. Cute and vaguely threatening is a good look, I think. Quinn carries it off well.

There's nothing threatening about my photo at all. I mean, really, look at that goofy smile. Plus I change it every few months because I can't find one that makes me happy.

I'm leaning toward the gerbil as the Face of Internet Stimey. What do you think?

Who should be the Face of Internet Stimey?
All gerbils, all the time
Why the hell would I care?
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  1. Whatever makes Stimey happy. YM

  2. I vote gerbils because I like animal avatars. I like the mysterious of not seeing "the person" behind the words. I had a dog avatar (of the paris hilton type in a bag that I can't spell), but replaced it because everyone thought it was my dog. Actually some mean people said I looked like that kind of dog so I figured it was a good avatar in a self-torturing way I suppose....geez I am messed up. :P

  3. Gerbils freak me out. So I voted Stimey. I do love the favicon though. Maybe because it's small enough that I'm not afraid of it.

  4. My vote is for your face. We are all our own worst critics and all...

  5. The gerbils' person can indeed tell the gerbils apart! Noki is chubbier than Robert because he eats all the sunflower seeds. Robert is shy and doesn't like to be picked up.

  6. Rodents kind of freak me out but I do think this one is pretty cute --that is, for a whiskered, beady-nosed, long-tailed....Oh, forget it. Can't do it. Not voting for the gerbil.

  7. Ooooo, toughie. I like your face. I think you are cuter than a gerbil. However, I like the expressionism of the gerbil. Hey, I use "Uma" for my avatar. Do you really want the opinion of a talking hand?

  8. Love the gerbil pick but love the photo from your Saks/SV Moms photo shoot even better! You know which one I'm talking about!

  9. The gerbil is cute and slightly threatening, yes. But I like seeing your face so that when we meet in real life, I'll actually know it's you. Less of a chance for me to be a bumbling idiot that way.

    But, do what you like. I support you no matter what.

  10. I got bit by a gerbil once. I did not like it.

  11. I always thought it was Gnocchi. Oh well, leave it to me to complicate things.

  12. Just for another vote- Andy says you should use the gerbil, because it looks like a furry T. Rex. Something about those tiny claws.

  13. I think you should mix it up, use the gerbil on some sites, and use Stimey's likeness on others. That way, you get the fun of displaying the gerbil, but you also let some people see you. And its a bonus for your faithful readers, like they've got the inside track and know *both* avatars from reading you here vs elsewhere on the web.

  14. See, I love both but if I had to decide on one, I'm going for your beautiful smile (does that score me any brownie points, or am I gonna get hate mail from the gerbil?)

  15. The gerbil IS cute.

    But you are cuter.

    I prefer face avatars cause it makes me feel like I am talking to you. And I love to see your gorgeous smiling face.

  16. I'm not going to lie, I love the gerbil. I had gerbils for a long time and they are strange and mischievous creatures. But I'm biased since I know you outside of the blog world and can imagine your cute face in my head whenever I please.


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