Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Here We Are, At the Corner of Fire Truck Avenue and Police Helicopter Boulevard

Alternatively titled: "I Think it's Possible that the Fucking World is Ending. And the End is Beginning at MY House." or "Wherein Stimey Figures Out that SHE is the Source of all Evil."

Um. Enough already, okay?

We were driving home from speech therapy when I noticed police cars with sirens on speeding past in the same direction I was headed. As I got closer to home I noticed that there were several helicopters hovering in a bunch ahead of me. As I got still closer, I started to think that they were hovering above MY house. As I turned onto my street, one of the helicopters shone a spotlight onto my car.

Because, you know, fugitives.

There was a police-involved shooting at the mall a half mile from my house this evening and there is a suspect or suspects on the run. In, evidently, my neighborhood.

Remember the fire in the house next door and I was all, "Hey, this isn't the first time the house next door to me has caught on fire"?

Well, this isn't the first time police have used helicopters and searchlights to look for criminals in my backyard.

The most recent time was about five years ago when I lived in a different house on the same street. I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of aircraft. When I looked out the window, all I saw was a spotlight shining directly into my house.

Having just been awoken from a deep sleep to the deafening sound of a close-by aircraft and a bright light, I became completely certain that a plane was flying directly into my house. Alex was out of town, so I couldn't wake him up to debate what to do.

I was midway through trying to figure out if I had time to wake up my kids and flee from the house when I realized that the aircraft was a helicopter. And then I was relieved that I hadn't woken my kids up and run into the street, where apparently criminals regularly hide out.

When I say there's never a dull moment around here, I mean it. I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow.


  1. You know, sadly I can relate. I've had several times been awoken to spotlights in windows.

  2. Wow. You just invite the crazy and the danger, huh? Seriously, I wish a night of peace and a good night's sleep tonight. You and your boys are in my thoughts.

  3. Perhaps yesterday's cookie was an omen. Is The One-armed Man hiding out in your neighborhood?

  4. Your neighborhood is much more exciting than mine. Feel free to invite yourselves over anytime but we do get hovering traffic copters from time to time.

  5. og my goodness, you really don't live in that bad of a neighborhood. You need anything?

  6. Well, at least your kids won't grow up thinking your neighborhood is boring! Heh heh.

  7. Sounds like my old neighborhood. Stay safe.

  8. Wait. Wait. Dude, you bought another house on the *same street* after the first fugitive and fire incidents?

    Do you know if the fugitive was your Creepy Santa?

    Wishing you a fire-free, criminal-less, quiet, and merry Christmas.

  9. The exact same thing happened to us in our old house once. Two o'clock in the morning and we're woken up by helicopters flying above and police dogs circling our house. It's scary! Here's wishing you and your family a police-free Christmas! Err, unless you need the police for something. Then I hope they're around. So, here's wishing you a safe, no-need-for-police Christmas.

  10. Dude, that is ALARMING!
    There was one night many years ago when I woke up and saw helicopters hovering around outside my apartment building! I was really tired and thought the helicopters were looking for ME for some reason. But they turnd out to be news helicopters taping a train crash that had happened right across the street! Still freaky...

  11. Wow - you have ALL the fun! Nothing like any of that stuff ever happens to me. Okay, wood - I need wood to knock on.

  12. Wow, I'll be sure to watch out for your neighborhood on Cops! "Bad boys, bad boys...what you going to do?"

  13. Dude... I mean, dude... you are trying to get them to shoot an episode of Cops at your place, aren't you?


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