I Go, You Go, We Go…LEGO!

My kids are all about Legos these days. They, and especially Jack, carry little structures around the house and are always creating spaceships and cars and houses. I, on the other hand, am constantly vacuuming up little pieces of said structures.

Whenever he is near a Lego-type table, Jack wants to build and build and build for as long as I will let him. So I decided to get him a Lego table for Christmas. I figured this might also cut down on the Legos that are currently evenly distributed around the house by giving them a home base.

The only problem with this plan is that most of the Lego tables I have found cost about $100. Which seems like a lot for a table. So I decided to make one myself. My raw materials:

1. A $12.99 “Lack” table from IKEA. Awesome and cheap, but really, “Lack”? Doesn’t that make you think there’s something wrong with it? Something…oh, I don’t know…lacking?

2. Four 10″x10″ Lego base plates purchased from Toys R Us for $6.99 each.

3. A tube of Liquid Nails. I didn’t buy this—I sent Alex to the store for it—so I don’t know how much it cost. And since I don’t know, let’s call it free. What? It’s not like we won’t use the tube for other projects too.

I had some time midday today so I decided to put the table together. It didn’t seem so hard. It was just a tabletop, four legs, four screws, and this sticker on the bottom of the tabletop:

Looks easy, right?

If you’ve ever assembled anything from IKEA, you know it’s not quite so easy as it looks.

Look! Stripey fingers!

After figuring out that the sketch of a hand turning the screw really means, “Go find some pliers and painstakingly strip the screws as you wrench them into their too-small holes,” I was on my way.

Evidently my living room is darker than a cave. We have three lamps in there (but no overhead lighting) and all three of them were on. Maybe we’re nocturnal. That never occurred to me before.

Ta da!

After my success with putting the table together, my talkative saboteur assistant and I adjourned for some lunch.

Can’t beat peanut butter & honey plus
chocolate milk with Miralax mixed in. Yum!

On to the Liquid Nails and the toxification of my cave living room:

See the finished project down there? Doesn’t it look good? Doesn’t it look like it’s begging for someone to build a Lego house on it? Doesn’t it look like Jack’s little Lego men just mowed the lawn?

AND it doubles as a blanket!

I asked Quinn what he thought about it and he said, and I quote: “No good.” Then he said, “I’m going to tell Jack about it.”

Quinn and I had a little conversation about secrets and I pointed at some shiny things to try to distract him and make him forget that the table existed when it occurred to me that I should put something on the plates to weigh them down while the glue dried. I grabbed the four closest items I could find and took a photo of them “weighing” the table down before I realized that I am the dumbest person on the planet.

None of these things are that heavy. And if I can’t be bothered to walk four feet to get heavy items, should I really be allowed to care for children in the first place?

Discuss amongst yourselves while I get some honest to God heavy things.

Ah, much better.

Do you notice that the Oxford English Dictionary is all dusty and unused looking as if I’ve never had to look up the definition for the word “pusillanimous“, while the collection of short stories about zombies looks as if it’s been opened frequently and recently?

Yeah, that’s the kind of house I live in.

After I let it sit for a while, but before Jack came home, I took the books off and started to take the table up to my secret closet. Then I realized that I needed to try it out.

Guess what?

It works.

I’m not sure what I was expecting.

This is the only Lego guy we have who still has hands.
And a head.

Nonetheless, I’m pretty excited for Christmas!! I think Jack is going to looooooove this! And if he hates it, he’s disowned.

33 thoughts on “I Go, You Go, We Go…LEGO!

  1. What a great idea!!! I think I might do this for Jonathan. Do you mind a friend stealing your idea?


  2. wow, I am, like, so impressed! Do your kids take off heads too? Moose usually carries the bodies in one hand and the heads in another. I am not sure what that means. I’m not sure I want to know, so maybe don’t tell me if you know from all your zombie stories.

  3. Fantastic! My kids would have loved this. And isn’t IKEA awesome. Now what are the odds that Q. will keep it quiet?

  4. Excellent! I have spent 15 years trying to invent a Lego Vacuum that sucks them up while leaving the cheerios and cat hair. No progress, but now the Legos are packed away waiting for future grandchildren.

  5. You are the smartest person EVER!!!!! Lego and train tables are TOTALLY overpriced, especially considering the crappy materials they are frequently made out of. You ROCK! I may do this too!

  6. Wow! Great job. I live in a Lego-filled house w/ about 5,000 more pieces coming in this Christmas. Have you seen the Lego “Green Grocer”? Yep, that’s what I have to look forward to in a few weeks. Perhaps it could use a table??

  7. ow, you should take those steroidal drugs more often! They made you brilliant-er. (Um, may I borrow that unused dictionary? Brilliant-er is totally in there, right??)

  8. That’s a fantastic idea! My son loves Legos too and he long ago took over my craft table in the office as his Leog table. In fact, the entire office looks like the Lego universe imploded in there. For Christmas I’m getting him a big multi-drawered organizer so that he can sort and store all of his Leogs easier. (I think this will work better than his current system of one huge tote that he has to dump out if he want to find the one tiny piece he needs which is no doubt at the very bottom.) Th best part of the gift is that I got him a tiny three drawered organizer too so that he can put his lego people’s heads, legs, and bodies in seperate drawers. Because what I really want to get him for Christmas is OCD.

  9. Well, how awesome is THAT. I have one of those tables I picked up off the side of the road- I painted it orange and it was Joey’s therapy table. And now we don’t do that therapy anymore, and he’s outgrown the table. Now I know to paint it and glue some lego plates on it!!!

  10. I didn’t even know Lego tables existed. I am WAY behind the times. But – a fun fact I read the other day – women are better at putting together Ikea furniture than men. I’m sure it has something to do with reading the instructions.

    Looks like you did a fabulous job!!!

  11. Great job on the table! For your recordkeeping purposes, a regular-sized tube of Liquid Nails costs $6-$7. And to answer someone else’s question, it’s not just regular glue. It’s for bonding dissimilar, nonstandard materials. I used it to glue plastic screw inserts to my granite countertops, in order to hold up my dishwasher. Worked great.

  12. This is the BEST idea ever. Gonna steal it! And just want to say that loved the pic of the boys with Santa… I am so behind on my blog reading, but yours is the first I came to to start catching up!

  13. Rachel: I’m so glad you’re going to make your own table! It has held up really well. I haven’t had to make any repairs on it and it gets used all the time. It was one of my most successful do-it-yourself projects ever! Have fun with it!

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