Thursday, December 11, 2008

Too Lazy to Come Up With Original Material

Today has been a very blah day. I took the lazy parent route and we watched a bunch of movies. It's rainy, so we only went outside to go to the bus stop. Because of my tragically boring day, which could have been a delightfully fun day had I done any planning ahead of time, I'm going to point you to some fun places to go around the Internet.

* Go see Jenni at Oscarelli. She was supposed to have her baby via c-section today because he was breech. While at the hospital waiting, she found out that the baby is now head down and safe for her preferred style of delivery. So hooray! Congratulations to you, Jenni! And I'm sorry you're still pregnant.

* Heather at Penny Possibilities has saved me at least $40 this shopping season with her great bargain tips and coupon codes. Plus, she liked my Lego table. Check her out!

* Maria at Immoral Matriarch recently published instructions for how to hack Google Reader so you can comment from inside your reader! It's awesome and if you're smarter than me, you should be able to install it the first time you try. Go here first for her instructions, and then when you prove to be as dumb as me, go here for her video tutorial.

And now my brain is completely empty. And I'm going to cook a frozen pizza for my kids for dinner. Because why start parenting this late in the day?

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  1. Thanks for the ideas! I always love finding new fantastic blogs to stalk! ;O)


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