Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Why Stimey?

Quinn has been interested lately in names and nicknames and first names and last names. His status quo is to call me by my first name, but he says my nickname is "mom," and he knows we all have the same last name. He's very curious about names and their various permutations.

Today I decided to switch it up on him and instead of telling him that my nickname is "mom," I told him that it is "Stimey."

To which he replied: "Slimy? Because you're slimy?" And then he spent the rest of the afternoon calling me Slimy.

I immediately tweeted about it and got some responses from some of you curious as to why my nickname is Stimey.

Well, the story of Stimey is also the story of the two years I lived in LA whilst attending USC for graduate school. I made a friend there who became my best friend, and who promptly dumped me when I moved back to northern California to be with Alex. Like seriously dumped. I would email and write letters and he never returned any of my messages. It was a little tragic.


At some point he asked if I had ever had a nickname. I hadn't because there are not many good nicknames you can make out of my first name. He said I needed a nickname and out of nowhere he said, "I will call you Stimey." And that is the story of Stimey. It was a lovely private thing between the two of us when we were friends, but since I was unceremoniously dumped, I decided to take the nickame back. And now it's mine.

And that is the story of Stimey.


  1. Thanks for sharing the origins of the name and while the thanks really belongs to random.org for choosing you as the 39 Clues winner, you are welcome!

  2. All I can say is this: the USC dude's loss is OUR gain. :-)

  3. Hey! I hope to go to USC for grad school. :)

  4. I always wondered about that name, but don't think I ever asked. It works though! Wishing a fantastic new year to you, Alex and the little Stimeys. See you in 09.

  5. You must have some crazy luck! What are the odds of winning THAT MANY giveaways? I've never won any - but I keep trying...

    I think I've heard your Stimey "origins" story before - or a shorter version of it. I'm one of those people who ends up with lots of nicknames (well - not anymore - but back in the day...). This has always seemed funny to me because I don't look like someone that would have nicknames. I think that might be why people liked to give them to me - it was always something ridiculous that didn't fit at all.

  6. I'm so glad you won the Leapfrog and hope your son like's it as much as mine does his.
    I, too, can't believe you've won THAT many giveaways. If I ever meet you in person I may need to rub your head or something to get some of that good luck!

  7. Isn't funny how our blog names come to be? Mine is my childhood nickname.


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