It’s Quiet. Too Quiet.

Hey, people, I have an IEP meeting in two days and I haven’t had my customary nervous breakdown.


Perhaps I’m actually prepared for this meeting? ‘Cause nary a freak out to be seen.

And why does my calm make me nervous? Why does it make me feel like I’m going to walk into the meeting and there’ll be not just an antagonistic lawyer from the school district, but also a Stimey-eating lion?

Cue suspenseful music.

I’ve created all my documents, combed through all Jack’s evaluations, made my lists of times when Jack ran away from recess and interrupted other classes. I’ve typed up all the reasons I think Jack needs what we’re asking for, along with direct quotes from teachers, aides, and documents to back me up.

I’m taking an honest-to-God expert with me to the meeting. And a shark lawyer. (I can make these jokes because I’m married to one. A lawyer, not a shark.) Jack’s teachers and aides seem to agree with us. I feel good about the people on our side.

I have calls scheduled tomorrow with my people to coordinate our plan. I have a babysitter lined up for Quinn.

The school district is supposed to be on our side and looking out for Jack’s best interests—which everyone who knows him or works with him every day agrees means he needs a one-to-one aide.

So why do I feel so uneasy?

26 thoughts on “It’s Quiet. Too Quiet.

  1. You feel uneasy b/c it’s your brain’s way of helpig you stay alert for unexpected pitfalls; it’s natural for you to feel some anxiety.

    BUT…you have your documentation all lined up, your advocate, your attorney. And if it doesn’t go the way you expect or hope, you just keep on fighting until you either get Jack what he nmeeds or there’s no fight left (meaning you’ve exhausted all possiblities, not that you’e exhausted yourself!).

    Don’t forget to breathe, be gracious but firm, and —most of all— make it 100% about Jack and you’ll be fine. Hugs. xo

  2. Okay, please forgive my typos…got a bandaid on my finger and it’s a bear to type! (I’m not relaly as stoopid as my taebos make me seam. ;-) )

  3. I agree with Niksmom. It’s just your body producing a little extra adrenaline for the fight.

    I hear Sean Connery in The Untouchables: “They bring a knife, you bring a gun…”

  4. Good luck!! I will also have my fingers crossed and can’t wait to read about your POSITIVE outcome.


  5. You feel uneasy because it’s an IEP meeting. You feel uneasy because essentially you are going against the school system. The school system, while they are on your side, is still a big thing to go against. You are fighting the policy and accommodations that Jack has now and wanting something better. That’s scary. I know you are well prepared and I believe everything will work out. I can’t wait to hear how things go tomorrow. Keeping you in my thoughts.

  6. Better to feel a little nervous and be overprepared. But I know how you feel – IEPs always feel like a report card to me (oh right – they kind of are…)

  7. The calm before the storm? Nah – you’ve just got all your ducks in a row and it’s hard to think that maybe you haven’t forgotten something. Sounds to me though, that you have back-up and everything will go well. I believe it!

  8. It’s a normal mama bear thing — other people talking about / deciding about your cub.

    But as everyone has said, you have done everything you can, and best of all, you have the hired gun.

    Do your Lamaze breathing and know that many are thinking of you. (I didn’t find the breathing all that helpful in childbirth, but fairly useful in other situations. That’s probably the real reason they teach it to about-to-be parents.)

    Good luck!

  9. You feel this way b/c it involves your child. Anyone would. You are prepared and just keep the focus on Jack. Good luck!

  10. You are prepared. And you have someone who will be able to keep track of next steps if the request is denied. Good luck and we’ll be thinking aout you!

  11. P.S. Duh of course you are going to do perfectly. You are doing a great job, as always.

  12. You’re uneasy because, prepared or not, right or not, it’s intimidating to have to fight with anyone about anything, particularly when the outcome is crucial for your child’s welfare! Hell, I’m nervous about how I’ll be greeted when I go into the principal’s office to complain about Josie’s teacher, never mind to demand services! You’re going to do great, though, and I think that it’s wonderful that you’re such a prepared, loving mom.

  13. I have every confidence that you will totally kick ass. I’ll be blog stalking you for a rundown of the meeting. Good luck!

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