One Conversation About Three Things

Quinn and I attended the birthday party of one of his classmates today. There were games, friends, snacks, goody bags, and a piñata. A few hours later in the car, Alex asked Quinn how the party was.


Quinn, without missing a beat: “It was great. Candy fell on my head.”




Listening to us talk about the birthday party, Jack asked, “Do I have a party?” I answered that he didn’t. He followed up with, “Does Martin?” I asked if Martin was in his class at school.


He said, “No. Martin Luther King.”


So now we’re having a birthday party for Martin on Monday. I’m serving cake.


Jack spontaneously said, “I want to give speeches.” (Which, gah!? You might realize that this is an amazing want for Jack to express.)


Then, Alex: “What did Martin Luther King give speeches about?”


Jack: “His dreams.”


Yes, he did, Jack.




Then Sam piped up with, “Do you know what is special about Barack Obama?”


Stimey: “Is it that he’s the first African-American president?”


Sam: “He’s the first black president! C’mon! You should have thought of that!”


Then this amazing conversation concluded with some wise words from Sam: “Being different is great!”


I’m going to hold him to that.



14 thoughts on “One Conversation About Three Things

  1. The coolest part is the party and Jack wanting to give speeches about his dreams (well, I assume so since that’s what MLK did, right?). I want to be there for that. Well, and the cake, too. (You’re not actually cooking it are you? I mean, no offense but I’ve seen some of your posts about you cooking and well…)

  2. sounds like an awesome party to have…with more meaning than the party we through for E’s Care Bear (yes, I even made a cake and all the stuffed animals attended). The things we mommies do for our kids. What a wonderful thing you are doing, to go with their interests and make it into a valuable experience. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

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