When I was going through my old photo albums the other day, I found some pictures that I thought might offer you proof of some things:

Proof that Stimey was once a bit of a binge drinker:

That’s 80 proof, by the way, folks.

This was my door at the housing co-op I lived in during college. It also proves that if I’m motivated enough, I can actually paint something. Also, it proves that my college friends are total bitches, because shortly after I put this up, one of said bitches painted a sign that said “BITCH” and taped it over “JEAN.”

I guess they didn’t force me to leave it up for the next several years though.

Proof that Alex and Stimey used to be young. Sigh.

This was, incidentally, the night that Alex and I first held hands on our long, slow, and interrupted journey to become the lovely married couple we are today.

Look how adorable he is!
Look how drunk I am!

That photo was taken at Fondue Fred‘s on their all you can eat fondue/all you can drink really, really, bad cheap wine night. Someone (not me or Alex) threw up into a water pitcher at the table that night.

My friends and I were really classy in college.

I don’t really recommend the binge drinking.

Proof that my hair really was straight before I had kids and they wrecked it by making it curly:

This is me on the day I got my master’s degree in journalism.

Eyebrow ring and everything!

See how straight my hair was? I miss that hair badly. Oh, so badly. It made everything (well, everything hair related) so easy. With every child I have given birth to, that hair has gotten curlier until it has reached its current, terribly unmanageable state.

Honestly, I curse my kids every day for this this.

Proof that Stimey is ridiculously self-indulgent:

This post.

22 thoughts on “Proof

  1. Jean, I already knew this but this post is proof that (a) you are hawt and (b) we would have been very good drinking buddies if we went to university together. From now on, you ARE Absolut Jean.

  2. Stimey, so yes I’m posting this as anonymous… However your three lovely sons may not be the cause of the change in your hair. Ahem… my hair was baby-fine and stick-straight until I graduated from university, and is now thicker (yay) and wavy-er.
    This is several years later, so yes, it is also not my original color, I’ll admit.
    Also btw, your last post re Jack was wonderful – he was cute as can be, even as a toddler.
    Karen G

  3. The only fondue place around here is The Melting Pot – delicious but ridiculously expensive.

    We threw up regularly, in various and interesting locations throughout college…

    Absolut Jean – I love it!

  4. We would’ve had a blas together in school, I can tell! Absolut-ly!;-)

    BTW, I like the thumb’s-up Alex is giving in the picture. He’s all, “Like, dude, I am sooo gettin’ lucky tonight!!” Heh heh heh How could he *not* believe in the awesome powers of Stimey??

  5. Hey I threw up into my purse last year.

    The hair was really good, and the Alex not too shabby either.

  6. OOH, why couldn’t MY kid have given me curly hair rather than this ASS?! Noooo…. I got the Cadillac of Asses. No curly hair. In fact, if anything, my hair is STRAIGHTER than EVER, if that’s even possible!

  7. I also love the thumbs up! My hubby and I were highschool sweet hearts, so we have pictures where we look just ridiculous together. My hair also is some weird frizz mess now after kids and it’s falling out. not cool.

  8. My hair has gotten frizzier as I’ve gotten older – so I feel your pain. I don’t think that it had anything to do with pregnancy…but since I prefer to blame things on my chidren as a general rule…I’ll just go with that.

  9. Awesome post. I still have a VIP card for a Boston nightclub – the kind of card that lets you go to the front of the line, and believe me, the lines get long. Of course, the club has been closed for about a decade, but yeah I’m saving that card.

  10. my hair totally went from straight to curly too!

    It drives me crazy!

    In regards to the writer with the cadillac ass…well I got that one too!

  11. How lucky was I to be there with you that day? That Stimey was just as great as the one you all know, folks! Lots of love from an old grad school pal.


  12. i think the curly hair is because you moved from a semi-arid climate to the humid land of the mid-Atlantic. I offer as proof: all of the patches on my car which had no paint that I thought must be protected by some clever invisible rust protector suddenly became red with rust about 15 minutes after moving to the old line state.


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