Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another Boring Wall of Fame Post

You know how every four weeks or so I bore you to tears with the story of how my kid(s) made the Wall of Fame again? Well, last month it was a little more exciting because I forgot to go to the ceremony and took a nap instead. Sam was totally cool about it, and I assumed all was forgiven and forgotten.

This turns out not to be the case.

I was brushing my teeth this morning when Sam knocked on the door and told me he had a piece of paper for me. I opened the bathroom door a slit, and he slid a note through. It was this:

"Sam Jack wall of fame today come"

I read it, died a little inside, and then said, "I know."

He said, "Are you coming?"

I said, "Yes."

He said, "Yeeeessssss!" and threw his hands up in the air. Then he gestured toward the note and said, "Keep it. Keep it so you remember."

I remembered. Are you happy now, you little stabbing me in the heart with your words guy?

I think he was proud that my memory is
better than that of a gnat.

However, he was even prouder that he is the only
first grader to have been on the Wall of Fame EVERY month.

Though he wasn't on the Wall last month, this month Jack was back.
And, per usual, he was a wee bit flamboyant.

I'm really glad I remembered to go today. It's beyond cool to watch your kids be so happy about being recognized for doing well at school. And it's so good to be able to support them. I'm sorry to tell you this, but it's likely that you're going to have to put up with these monthly Wall of Fame posts for the next five to seven years.


  1. I'm all for it. Bring 'em on. Good going, guys!!!

  2. ohhhh that post it just kicked my butt!

  3. I think it so cool that their school does that. I wish E's did. but I would probably forget to go to the assembly.

  4. ROFL!! Nothing like being given the smackdown by your own offspring. At least he was passive about it.

  5. Hey, you know what would be really cool? If you made an album of Wall of Fame pictures that you could share on your FB page for the next few years. Oh, wait, right, you're not on FB (Ginormous hint!). *sigh*

    Way to go Jack! Can't wait to see the pictures of your WoF "walk" when you've got peachfuzz and a changing voice. :-)

  6. I'd be happy to put up with these posts every month. It's awesome. I'm sure you're glad you had that *little* reminder too, huh?? :)

  7. Can I tell you that I can't freaking WAIT until my kid in school and I can go to stuff like that?

  8. Yeah, mommy, nevermind about all those other things you've remembered over the years, THIS ONE THING will haunt you for the rest of your natural life!!!!

    I love seeing this stuff.

  9. I receive notes like that ALL the time. I guess that shows how little my brain is after having three kids.


  10. Your boys are crazy beautiful. I love that first picture of Sam.

    And my kids routinely stick notes on the microwave now, telling me my own schedule, because I am THAT LIKELY to forget, even if they have TOLD me repeatedly.

    It is a good thing to have your kids help you with the notes... Encourage it!

  11.'s so great that they want you to be there. I always remember childhood as wanting my parents as far away from me as possible at all times. It's probably best you cherish their wanting to be with you!! Even if they write heart wrenching notes!

  12. As someone who always had to leave her dad notes to remember things (and now relies on notes herself), I think that you've successfully taught a valuable life lesson!

  13. Well, it's nice to know that Sam really has no idea he's stabbing you in the heart a little with his reminder! Some things are hard to file away in your mental sh!t happens folder when you are made to remember. But - sh!t DOES happen.

    I love it that Jack is just 'a wee bit flamboyant'!

  14. Awww...look how proud they are! Congrats to them, and to you Mommy! (and especially congrats for remembeing, I definitely have problems in that department as well!)

  15. Love the note and love the flamboyance. Not boring at all!

  16. Whoo-hoo! Hooray for Sam and Jack!!!

  17. Awesome! You can't be too flamboyant on stage when you are in kindergarten!

  18. Hooray for Sam and Jack! I hope you're keeping that note forever. It's the perfect combination of cute and heart-stabby. That picture of Jack is just perfect too.


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