24 thoughts on “Bookworm

  1. That’s how Abby was – disappearing into another world for a while. It’s great. Wait until he’s old enough for Harry Potter!

  2. That’s so cool! My kid is starting to love to read and it’s amazing to watch. Of course, it helps if the book is Star Wars, right?

  3. Has he discovered the Magic Treehouse series yet? My kids LOVE them. I love it when they get into a good book and can’t put it down. I will even overlook not cleaning a bedroom if they are reading.

  4. Is this a lightsaber I see before me? This is definitely HRH in training. He reads everything he gets his hands on!

    If you haven’t yet, try the Magic Treehouses. I think we’re on #18. We read them together before bed.

  5. It’s edu-mi-cation and they don’t even know it! Develops imagination and vocabulary and all kinds of good stuff. Wonderful!

  6. Yay for Star Wars inspiring readers everywhere! Thats the only sort of chapter book my 5yo WANTS to read. Think we should start a book club?

  7. Einey is the same way. Lately, I have to prod her up the driveway of the school because she’s got her nose stuck in a book. On one had, I’m happy. But damn, it slows everything down!

  8. I’ve always been a bookworm but now I read things online as well. I’ve read stories online even. In fact, I have one right now I read.

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