G1 or iPhone?

My T-Mobile contract has run out and I am in the market for a fancy new phone.

I’ve heard conflicting opinions in my extensive (where “extensive” means “three tweets”) research on Twitter.

So. Whaddya think? Will I like a G1 phone or an iPhone more? And why?

EDITED TO ADD: I ended up buying an iPhone and I am madly in love with it. Buy an iPhone.

17 thoughts on “G1 or iPhone?

  1. You would LOVE the iphone! Trust me! It’s more fun to play with than call with!! You never run out of fun stuff do do with it. There are TONS of free apps.for the iphone. Who can resist a game that lets you pop bubble wrap???? Not me anyway!

  2. iPhone, no question about it. The iPhone is AWESOME. I told James that if he loses his job and we become homeless, the last thing, the very last thing I will ever give up is my iPhone. (I know, shallow)

    But, yes, the apps and the ease of use and pandora radio and the built in iPod, and endless ways to amuse your kids, it’s AWESOME. (Oh, I said that already. But it is.)

  3. I’ve heard that the iPhone has lousy sound quality. Is that true?

    I’m piggy-backing on your “research” for when my Verizon contract is up in a few months. I want to get something with a few more toys (aka Facebook). So please, be thorough.

  4. iPHONE!!!! HUbby and I both have the iPhone and boy do I love it! There are so many apps that you can get for everything you can think of!!!

    PLus one of my Hubby’s friends has the G phone and it has “bricked” (broke) and so did it’s replacement.

  5. oh and to add make sure you get a good text rate. It is so easy to text on this puppy that we had to change our plan since we kept going over our text count

  6. Just to toss in a third option, I am using the HTC Touch Pro running Windows Mobile. I love it for its physical keyboard and its ability to cut and paste. you’ll be amazed how often you use cut and paste when using Twitter on your phone, not to mention emailing links. Syncing with iTunes/iPhoto is not hassle-free as it is with the iPhone, but it does work.

  7. my hubby works for a cellphone company and has extensive knowledge (that I am subjected to frequently)…he used to work in the service department before they did away with it. I would love to have an iphone, but go figure, we can’t because of the stupid company “rules.” I’ll ask, and get back to you. I won’t hold it against you that I’ll have to listen to him spew cellphone madness for the next 3 hours….

  8. G1!

    Soon to have plenty more apps as it’s open to all unlike the highly regulate iphone app store.

    Integrated with Google, as Google continues to innovate your experience continues to improve. Google > Apple

    $35 a month for unlimited internet and text. how much is the iphone plan again? $70

    Has a real keyboard which is simply easier to use than a virtual one.

  9. It laughable to hear folks that claim that the G1/Android will win because it has an open OS and that developers will soon be making tons of apps for it. Just because many geeks will be developing apps for it means the masses will adopt what the geeks make. Remember Unix/Linux and all the hype about how its open OS will lead to many apps developed that will overtake Windows? Geeks are forever wrong about what the winning formula is for winning the market. Yeah, like you basement-dwelling social nerds really know what normal people do!

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