I Like Napping. And Vicodin.

Hello! How’s things? I’ve been asleep for two days. Except for the brief period of time I was conscious at the most stylish dental office oral surgeon’s office facial enhancement specialist’s office before I got my IV in order to have one of my wisdom teeth yanked.

I even took a nap before I went to my appointment. I’m that run down that I needed a nap even when I knew I was going to get to sleep for three days straight.

We got hopelessly lost on our way to the doctor’s, so I rushed in apologizing for being late. The receptionist introduced herself by name and took my coat. Then I sat down on a super modern, electric blue couch and looked around at the subtle, yet lovely decor.

Almost immediately I was ushered into a consultation room outfitted with blue and red plastic modular chairs.

It’s possible I was in an iPod commercial.

The doctor tried to upsell me by offering to take out my other wisdom teeth too. Don’t you worry, I didn’t fall victim to scare tactics like “long-term health” and “these teeth will eventually cause you problems.” They were getting exactly one tooth from me.

Then I laid down in their chair, pointed them to the vein they were going to want to use, and wondered how long it would take the sedation to take effect. And then the doctor said, “It went fine,” and they led me to the recovery room.

Alex and Quinn came to pick me up. Quinn was eating a chocolate doughnut, which was apparently a chaser to the brownie Alex had given him first. “You have red teeth,” he told me.

Before I left, the nurse gave me a Moo card with the time of my follow up appointment written on it, as well as a CD called “Scintillating Your Senses,” plus a post card telling me about the doctor’s podcast.

I think this office may have been the hippest place I’ve ever been. Which is a little sad.

The other thing they tried to give me when I left was someone else’s coat. It took the receptionist three times to come up with my coat. In retrospect, I should have taken the first coat she offered because it was much nicer than mine.

I’ve been at home in my bed since then. Alex has been bringing me soup and ice cream and stuff when I use the intercom feature on our phone to call down to him. He’s been a trooper, if not suitably enthusiastic when I call him to bring me things.

He was kind enough to hover outside the bathroom door and bring me water the first time I threw up. After the second time I threw up, I figured out that my stomach does not care for a penicillin and Vicodin combo on an empty stomach. I’m not making that mistake again. It’s a waste of perfectly good Vicodin, which I like because it makes my legs feel content.

Seriously, that’s the best way I can describe it.

I’ve been kept company by my awesome cat Izzy.

She has remained plastered to my body for the past 30 or so hours. I like her. She’s licking my soup bowl clean right now. Which is better than yesterday, when the dog woke me up by slurping out of my uneaten bowl of soup. Jerk.

I’m feeling good, and staring at my computer screen isn’t making me nauseous anymore, so I hope that means I’ll feel better and be up and out of bed by tomorrow. (Don’t tell Alex though, or he might stop answering the phone.)

26 thoughts on “I Like Napping. And Vicodin.

  1. Yikes, wisdom teeth. I know I need at least half of mine surgically removed! Glad you enjoyed the experience! I remember that my brother went to a doctor who didn’t use enough anesthetic and he had to take the bus home.

  2. Whoo hoo! Glad the vicodin is treating you well and you won’t waste any more of it. :-)

    Izzy sounds like great company. How did you get her out from under Jack’s bed?

  3. I am glad you are feeling better! I took the big V after 3 days of migraine and insomnia, and dang it still hasn’t gone away.

  4. Wow, Moo Cards and furnishings out of an iPod commercial? Very cool but pricey sounding. No wonder why they wanted to yank those other wisdom teeth! More $! Glad you are feeling better!

  5. LOL, me too, but be careful. By day 3 of those things, you’ll get the pukies. Oh I must be gullible because I fell for that upsell…oral health is totally over-rated!

  6. oh you poor thing! i still have all 4 of my wisdom teeth, but have vicariously gone through terrible wisdom teeth extractions with friends. i AM envious of all the sleep… oh, sleep… i love sleep… why is it you love what you can’t ever possess! :)
    hope you recover quickly!

  7. My cousin just had a root canal and said the same thing, she was so happy for the time to be out of the house and then resting, it was worth any pain or discomfort. Wow, us moms, are a sorry bunch! I prefer percacet over vicodin, though, myself. Especially after a C-section, while nursing.

    Hope you feel better quickly and don’t have anymore puking.

  8. I think you’re lucky Alex didn’t put you on youtube like that dad did when his kid got out of the oral surgeon’s office. Lucky for you – unlucky for us! I’ll bet you were funny!

  9. Hi! I didn’t know you were having this done…is there anything you need? I’d be happy to take Quinn to school tomorrow am!

  10. One of my fondest adult memories is getting my wisdom teeth out. I had three actually. I was newly married and my beloved brought me strawberry jello and homemade lemonade. It was simply lovely.

    It sounds like your experience has gone exceedingly well. So nice to have all those pets to support (and clean up after) you in your hazed existence.

    I do think you will need at least one more day in bed to recuperate, however. Don’t push it!

  11. You are so funny! Seriously, though, glad you’re feeling better. I had all four yanked and I loved the vicodin too. Too bad it was wasted on the childless 23-year-old I was at the time :)

  12. My dentist has been trying to convince me to have my WT out for years and years, and I’m having none of it. BUT, if his place was like yours, they could probably yank out all my teeth and I wouldn’t even care!

  13. I’m sorry about the puking – that stinks!

    I remember when I got my wisdom teeth taken out (it was about 7 years ago), I was terrified. I had a terrible experience with teeth pulling as a child where they gave me twilight and I felt and saw that whole thing without being able to do anything but scream. SO I was miss 20 questions about the drugs they would be using for the wisdom teeth pulling. Just like you described it was like I was just getting drowsy and then it was over. I left the office THANKING everyone, “thanks so much – that was great – I didn’t feel it at all.” So embarrassing.

    I got vicodin for my c-section recovery after the twins. I had a couple of pills left over and had to hide them from Chris. Those were MINE dammit MINE. Vicodin is heaven.

  14. Getting all 4 teeth out at once would also be a waste of Vicodin potential. You can do this 3 more times!

    Did they have Feist playing in the waiting room? (1,2,3,4… tell me what your looking for…)

  15. Oh, I hope you are feeling better right now.

    don’t feel bad about the coat – when i got my wisdom teeth out my dentist had a cup of free pens and i tried to take them all. and when we stopped at cvs on the way home, i tried to ateal pocketfuls of gum. classy, huh?

  16. Oh crap… I’m getting all 4 of mine pulled soon (at one shot) how horrible is it? Worse than child birth or much more bearable?

  17. Mandy: Honestly, it was not bad. I highly recommend getting knocked out completely for the extraction. Your mouth will probably be sore for a while, and you’ll have to eat soft foods, especially if you get all four out, but it’s really not so bad. Just make sure you have time to rest afterwards.

  18. I’m glad you didn’t let them upsell you on this one. But dude, Connor would’ve extracted that tooth for free with his pliers. Not sure we could swing the prescription for Vicodin, but Sheesh, what are other blogger’s kids for if not to perform minor surgeries?

  19. I had my two upper wisdom teeth taken out last fall. I was such a wimp and terrified but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be (I was gnawing on cheese pizza two nights later!)

    Yea for drugs!

    Hope you’re not missing your teeth. ;)

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