I Went to Jack’s School Without a Lawyer Today.

It only took me a year and a half, but I’ve finally managed to volunteer at the elementary school. I went in to Jack’s class this morning to help out with reading time.

I was a little nervous about how Jack was going to react to my being there. Back when he was in his cooperative preschool, he was so clingy on days I was in the classroom that they cut my co-oping days in half and made me help in a different classroom instead. I was also worried that he would freak out when I left. Plus, I was concerned that I would be an incompetent albatross on the teacher’s shoulders and I would hinder her teaching.

And I also was concerned that I was going to forget to show up.

That last one may seem dumb to you, but it was a good possibility. I honestly can barely remember who goes to what school these days. I think I may be on my way to early-onset dementia. Last week I was supposed to come back to my house after I dropped Sam and Jack at school so I could meet my friend M and take her son to preschool with Quinn. At the last second I had to swerve out of the turn lane that led to my route to school and return home instead. Because I forgot that I was supposed to pick him up. I couldn’t remember the verbal and email reminders she had given me THE DAY BEFORE. (This is the first she’s hearing about that, by the way. Hi, M! Ha, ha, ha…)

Dementia. It’s a real possibility.

Anyway, I showed up and Jack was delighted to see me. And I was delighted to see that even though he immediately climbed into my lap, he grabbed his main aide’s hand and interlaced his fingers through hers. And the feeling is obviously mutual. The two of them adore each other. It makes my heart sing.

Jack was great, for the most part. He did demand my attention for part of the time, but I sort of expect that with any kindergartener. And I was so useful, if I do say so myself, that the teacher asked if I could come back every day.

I countered with a once a week option, which she took me up on.

After reading, even though it was still what I consider early morning, but what most people consider eleven o’clock, they went to lunch, which made my exit transition really easy.

Plus I got to be in charge of sharpening pencils with the automatic sharpener, which, you know, totally rocks. (Because not only do I have dementia, but apparently I’m also eight years old.)

I am so proud of Jack and how well he did today. It feels really good to see him like that.

20 thoughts on “I Went to Jack’s School Without a Lawyer Today.

  1. Automatic pencil sharpeners are why some people choose a teaching profession. They are awesome!! Or, maybe I’m eight years old also.


  2. we bought one of those sharpeners for our house–they are so great! I’ve volunteered couple of times this year, and it’s so helpful to see with my eyes what’s going on. I hope to do more before the school year ends.

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