The Obligatory Valentine’s Day Post

It is unbelievably rare that you find a mass-produced card that so perfectly captures your relationship. But that is what Alex did with the card he gave me today.

For example, at least once or twice a week, Alex runs around freaking out that he can’t find his wallet…”Where is my wallet! Help me find my wallet, PLEASE!” And then I ask him if he checked his pants or his coat pocket and he’ll find it and walk calmly out of the house.

And this next illustration with the lawn mower? It is not just symbolic of our relationship, but we have had this exact same altercation. Exact.

We’ve also done this next thing. I’m perpetually on time early and he is perpetually provoking me into anger lazier than me lounging around on the couch less concerned about the time.

But somehow, nearly ten years into our marriage, we haven’t killed each other yet.


I’m keeping this card forever.

I love you, Alex.

8 thoughts on “The Obligatory Valentine’s Day Post

  1. I got the exact same card, and I love it too. (Except on my version, J wrote an arrow pointing to the lawn mower and said “That is not my lawn mower.” You’ve seen my house, so you probably know what he meant. ;-)

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