Monday, March 16, 2009


I wasn't completely unsympathetic this morning when Sam insisted that he had a headache and didn't want to go to school, but we did give him some Tylenol, stuff him in the car, and drop him off at school.

I think the fact that he had to wipe his copious tears with the back of his hand to put on his game face before he got out of the car at drop off should have tipped me off to the fact that he really wasn't feeling well.

I also should have known that even though I told him that if he didn't start to feel better soon that he could go to the nurse and have her call me, he would never in a million years do that. I was the same way. I would rather suffer in silence than call attention to myself.

Because I didn't hear from him all day, I assumed he was fine. After school, he got off the bus, walked straight over to me, and collapsed into my side, sobbing.

He was NOT fine.

"I want to go home right now. I don't feel good. I want to go home right now!" he cried. And then I had to walk home very slowly because he refused to release me from the death grip he had around my waist.

Many tiny, tiny steps later we entered the house and he fell on the couch. I took pity on the poor guy and canceled Jack's speech therapy and social skills group that usually falls on Mondays directly after school.

I DO have some words to say about the receptionist at our speech place. She's not too good with the phone and the transferring calls skills. Which, as the therapists do their own insurance billing, seems to be MOST OF HER JOB. I had to employ alternate means of cancellation. (You know, email.) /rant

Sam napped for two hours and woke up with a fever.

If you need me tomorrow, you know where to find me. Here. With a sick kid.


Plus? After volunteering in Jack's class this morning, then calling his teacher to interrogate her about what she thinks about his special ed services, she had to call me a half hour later to tell me that he fell on the playground and got a knot on his head.

The teacher has assumed the nurse called me. She was calling to see if I wanted to bring him dry pants because he fell in a wet spot. By the time we talked, Jack was happily eating the ice out his ice pack. Which sounds a lot like Jack.

We're best friends now, considering we call each other every 15 seconds, but don't you think the nurse might have called or sent a note home to let me know that Jack suffered a head injury? It seems important.


Oh, ALSO?! I had three chicken breasts sitting happily on the broiling pan on the counter waiting for the oven to heat up. And 15 minutes later I had ONE. And a suspiciously full-looking dog.

If I'm lucky, she'll barf it all up later.




Mama Bub said...

Blerg is right. Nothing quite like a sick kid AND a soon to be sick dog to start your week off right.

Niksmom said...

"blerg" — hope that's NOT the sound either Sam or the dog makes for you! Ick.

Well, it *is* Monday so, you kow, shit happens, right. Then you step in it. ;-)

Mama Echo said...

Ickkkk. This too shall pass.

kristenspina said...

Oh no! Poor Team Stimey. Hope tomorrow is a better day. Hang in there.

Merrily Down the Stream said...

And so the week begins...
Ack! Hope it turns around tomorrow.

Cathy said...

so awful when the kid is REALLY sick and you don't catch it right away--hope he's better!

BetteJo said...

Aww, sick boy, injured boy, and must be okay boy, but a possible nauseated dog. Yeah - it's Monday, that's when it happens.
Hope Sam feels better and Jack is on the mend and Quinn - is simply Quinn!

Sue @ My Party of 6 said...

Blerg is right! Poor Sam! And uh... I really hope you are not cleaning up dog puke.

mailmichal said...

Wow! You poor things! The same thing happened to my salami the other day (a brand new 1/4 lb of salami)(damn dog!). E's school nurse and I are best buds since she calls me everytime the kid gets a hangnail or says "boo". You and me...we need a night out! I hope Sam feels better soon. Hang in there! (I hate Mondays too!!!)

flutter said...

Poor Stimeys!

Whirlwind said...

Are you sure you picked up Sam and not Einey? That was almost exactlly what happened to me yesterday.

Got to pick up time (with a tired, feverish preschooler who had been in school 1/2 the day then became lethargic), to pick up Meenie and Einey. Einey made it to the van and collapsed into a big pile of tears. She said she was "sad" all day but didn't know why. She had a 104 fever when we got home a few minutes later. When I asked why she didn't go to the nurse, she said she didn't think she was sick. I gave her motrin and she collapsed for awhile. Was feeling better by last night, but they are both still feverish today (and thus, staying home - JOY!). She is NOT very happy about missing school , she wanted perfect attendance again, but what can you do?

Hang in there today!

catnip said...

Just when I think I'm having a bad day - yours is worse! Sorry! I'm on day 2 of sick kid at home, but it's been very uneventful.

Jenni said...

hoping sam feela better and your dog doesn't barf.

if you liked saramago's blindness, you should read the cave. it's his best, i think.

Ange said...

wow, that really sounds like a Monday. I hope today is better.

annenahm said...

You have earned a margarita. With real strawberries. Hope tomorrow is better.

Casey said...

Wow, blerg does seem appropriate in this situation. Are you sure it wasn't Sam who ate the raw chicken and got sick? That would explain a lot. Oh, and one more post about chicken from Stimey. I'm definitely sensing a theme.

Nicki said...

Aw, poor Sam and his headache! Was he okay? ANd poor Jack and his knocked noggin... although I hope the ice pack was delicious!

Astarte said...

Holy crap - our school nurse calls us whether there's anything actually wrong or not, just to tell us that the kid walked through the door!!!! 'She lost a tooth, but she seems fine', as if it was akin to a BATTLE WOUND or something! If there was a lump, she'd probably have an EMT team come to the house with diagrams!

Why is it that I'm more grossed out by the dog eating raw chicken than I am by their constant licking of their own (and other's) asses?!