Sunday, March 15, 2009

I Wish My To-Do List Looked Like This

This is quite possibly the best list I have ever seen:

1. I ♥ You.
2. I Need You.
3. I [w]rote a List.

Please notice the extraneous but awesome hyphen. Jack wrote this list and Jack likes punctuation. And apparently lists.

Like mother, like son.


More ways I am like Jack.

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  1. This is, indeed, a most awesome list. And punctuation is a big star over here, too. Currently, in vogue: the exclamation point. No sentence ends w/o one!! (see?)

  2. List.

    1. I {heart} Jack.
    2. I need to hear about Jack every day.
    3. I rote a list about Jack.

  3. hello,

    best. list. ever.

    if this was my list,

    1. i would frame it.
    2. i would have it printed on my correspondence cards.
    3. i would feel sort of bad for all the other lists.

  4. I love things like that. It's as good as a hug some days.

  5. Oh, man. He is a sweet little thing, isn't he?

  6. So, so great.

    How about adding a 'Clean my ROOM' to that list??

    eh, kid?

  7. Things Stimey most likely said to Jack:

    1. Buddy, that's wonderful!
    2. I love you too.
    3. Give me a kiss!

  8. I'm a true list-lover and that one is, indeed, great!

  9. that is adorable - totally put a smile on my face. You need to frame that.

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  11. Mooser loves lists (like me). He can't write, but that doesn't stop him from scribbling lists on hundreds of pieces of paper and depositing them around the house. My favorite dx story is when we were at the Neurologist (he was 2 or something?) and the doc said "Yeah, he is kinda quirky. See how he would rather play with your pen and post its than all of these toys?" And I just kinda looked at him like "Duh! Who would wanna play with toys when you have POST ITS!?!?!?!" Mooser also threw a huge temper tantrum last year because I would not buy him a a pad of post its. I've loved office supplies since as long as I can remember. And I am definitely not quirky! ;)

  12. I love that he completed the list by stating that he wrote a list.

  13. That's soo sweet! I still remember when my 7 year old autistic son gave me his first hug! He was 3 years old.

  14. Please tell me you're saving that note.

    Oh my heart. It can't stand the cute!

  15. that just plasters a smile right on my face!! :) makes motherhood worth it...

    so cute!

  16. *swoon* These are the moments that make motherhood such a treasured experience.

  17. OMG, his list is so much better than mine!!! AND it doesn't involve ANY POO!!!!

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  19. I think that is the best list ever.


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