Saturday, March 14, 2009

Peep Arthur and the Peeps of the Round Table

Last year my friend E made the mistake of inviting me and my kids to her house the week after the Washington Post published its gallery of Peeps art. I got all excited about it and totally riled up one of her kids who has apparently been talking about Peeps and what he we can create with it for the rest of the year.

I got a phone call late this week from E. "It's Peeps time!" she exclaimed. "The Peeps dioramas are due on Sunday!"

All I can say is thank goodness the Washington Post decided to get rid of its business section instead of its Peeps section. Because there's not all that much going on in the business world anyway.

So Saturday morning I dragged Sam over to E's house to follow up on what I'd started. Fortunately he was very excited about it. After I, you know, told him what a diorama was. And what Peeps were.

Also fortunately, E and her son J had done all of the planning for us. They'd decided on a castle theme. The yellow bunny soldiers would be protecting the castle and its pink princess from the hordes of green ogres.

Sam, J, J's dad, and I set about trying to bring this to fruition. I think we did a damn fine job. I'm pretty sure you want a step-by-step here, and who am I to deny you?

Here are Sam and J with their (delicious) supplies. I assume they're delicious because Sam really enjoyed eating his Peeps. I don't think he'd ever eaten a Peep before. The Easter Bunny has never brought them to our house. I'm sure that has nothing to do with the fact that I'm a little afraid of them.

After Sam and J drew their background and I whined until Sam let me make the princess' tiara, J started to create the knights. By this time J's brother P was home from karate, so he headed up Operation Give the Bunnies Swords.

Don't think that it's a coincidence that that particular heavily armored knight is standing in front of a tin foil box that says "HEAVY DUTY," because he is. No ogre is taking that knight down.

No, we left the taking down of the knights to our lack of knowledge about how to adhere those things to the box.

The following knight did not have a helmet. And there were dire consequences.

However, he fared better than the ogre in the next photo. I believe this is the very definition of "cleaved in twain."

What you see below is not exactly the finished product. (I don't want to wreck it for you when J wins the Washington Post contest.) Sam wanted to make some additions to the diorama after we had completed it. He added that king over on the right. And I'm not quite sure what that slain pink bunny is doing in the foreground.

Didn't they do a great job though? Did you notice the gargoyles up on the castle walls? And how cool is their tin foil armor? And that damsel up there is totally in distress. By the way, did you notice her awesome tiara?

Here's something else fun. Evidently J's babysitter told him that if you put Peeps in the microwave that they explode. J's dad was not totally thrilled that J had learned this. But I'll hand it to him because when I said, "Is it wrong that I really want to blow up a Peep?" he was ready with a plan.

BEFORE: (Sorry, little dude.)

AFTER: (Do you see his haunted little eyes?)

Next year I'm totally going to make my own Peeps diorama and it's going to be based on The Blob.

I think it says not very nice things about me that my favorite part was watching the Peep expand to giant size and then collapse into a puddle of gunk. But, dude, it was cool.


  1. I remember Peeps all too well. They are pretty gross. Back in my day - they were just chicks though, the bunnies came later.

    I love the knights theme. The bunny with a missing ear was a nice touch.

  2. Peeps are a treasure. They were always my favorite among my Easter basket treats. I would rip the package open and let them "age" a day or two. The result is an even finer product - stale peeps. Delish!

    And the melted one at the end? Yes, his eyes are haunting. My heart hurts a little after seeing that, I must say. Great project though!

  3. So cool! I always love those entries in the paper. good luck to your entry.

  4. Um, I think I just had an accident from laughing so hard. And that poor melted peep. Oy, couldn't you at least have put pennies over the eyes?? (Um, I mean AFTER he came out of the m/w all "dead" and whatnot!)

    Did you guys eat him, then? Cuz, really, *that* would just be too horrible for words. ;-)

  5. I didn't know there were so many choices when it came to Peeps. Here I thought they were just chicks and bunnies.

  6. That is the coolest thing I have ever seen! We don't have anything like that here. It's a great use for Peeps! I am so going to do a project like that with my kids!!
    You East Coasters are such trend setters....

  7. Poor little peep in his mason jar cage, unsuspecting.

  8. Oh the blob!! I loved that movie when I was a kid! Are you going to use some melty peeps so they can glide over and envelope stuff? Cool!

    But the castle is cool too. The boys did a great job - not surprised to see some 'cleaving' in there. :)

  9. this whole thing made me howl

  10. I loved the Peeps dioramas in the Post! Hope to see your entry as a winner!

  11. I love the Peep Knights diorama. They did a great job.

    I'm totally going to put a Peep in the microwave with my kids...they will love it.

    And I SO want to do a Peep diorama of my own. I was looking through last years on the Washington Post site and they are so freakin it! Now my husband just rolled his eyes and claimed people have way too much time on their hands. He doesn't know anything!

  12. What a fun project. My older boys would have a blast with that. Aiden would just eat them all.

    I went to that website....some of those dioramas were cracking me up!! Very creative. You should definitely do one next year. :)

  13. omg!!!! Are you getting funnier...or am I just getting easier to entertain??? We are SO doing peep cone wars/star wars. Though Bubba will probably freak if the peeps don't look JUST LIKE the starwars dudes. Maybe w'll just color the toothpicks red and green.

  14. I'm sensing a chicken theme over here lately. You're going to have to change the name of your blog to something peep-chicken related. How about "All My Peeps". It was a stretch.

    The diorama turned out great!

  15. LOVE IT!! I expect to be seeing pictures of it in the Post soon...

  16. You are SUCH a COOL MOM! (And I never read the business section anyway!)

  17. You know about peep jousting, right?

  18. If you leave Peeps in the microwave longer they catch on fire...


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