Perfectly Healthy But For That Nagging Fever

Today is the third day in a row that Sam has been home from school. Ever since he came home from school sobbing on Monday, he’s had a constant fever except for when he’s under the influence of Motrin.

When he is under the influence of Motrin, he is perky, happy, and jumping around doing frequent Ewok impressions. Four to six hours later, he’s flushed, sweaty, feverish, and yelling about, “My head hurts! My head hurts!” and “The light! It hurts my eyes!”

Because today was Day 4 of this, I decided to call the doctor’s office to see if we should go in. After hearing about the headache and light sensitivity, they suggested we come in.

Here is Sam in the library the new armchairs in the doctor’s exam rooms.

I wonder how often they’ve been puked on. Ick.
But comfy!

Anyway, he doesn’t have meningitis. (Yay!)

I didn’t actually think he had meningitis. But it seemed like the responsible thing to do to take him to the doctor. The doctor offered to swab and test Sam for something, but as it wouldn’t have changed the (non)treatment plan, I passed. If he’s not better by Monday, we get to go back.

I’m hopeful that Sam will get to go back to school tomorrow, if only because it is incredibly sad to watch Jack gamely trooping off to school each day while his brothers cavort at home.

So now you know what I’ve been doing all week.

20 thoughts on “Perfectly Healthy But For That Nagging Fever

  1. If he had spots – I would say measles. But I guess people don’t get that anymore, do they? Well, at least he isn’t feeling miserable ALL the time. Tiny silver lining?

  2. Oh no, sorry to hear he’s still not feeling well. We did the swab test last week to test for the flu but we passed. I hope Sam feels better soon!

  3. If it helps this sounds like what went through NoVa for the last 3 weeks, high fever for a few days (for my son 102 on motrin and tylenol, 104 when they wore off) and then a low fever for a few more. Both my kids then got secondary infections and ended up on antibiotics but lots of kids didn’t and got better after 5-6 days. Watch for sending him back to school too early – I heard of several kids relapsing because they went back before they were well.

    Good luck. It could be a long haul if they get it sequentially (like mine did).

  4. Poor baby. At least the Motrin works. Weird symptoms though. Do you have a history of migraines in your family?

    Gremlin mentioned his neck hurt the other day. He probably just slept wrong. Meningitis was the first place my (overactive) mind went.

  5. I and T went through some viral yucky a couple weeks ago and A has been seeing tons of it in clinic- in our geographic area very high fevers untouched by antipyretics. For them, tincture of (lots of) time. Good luck. -Dosmamas

  6. I hate it when my kid is sick. And 9 times out of 10 when I take her to the doctor’s, it’s a virus and there’s nothing they can do anyway.

    Hope he feels bettah soon.

  7. Maryelena, it never occurred to me that they would get it sequentially. Yikes. My fingers are crossed that they don’t.

  8. Poor little dude, I hope whatever it is goes away! I had something like that once last year, with a horrible headache and an unexplicablely high fever. It got so high at some point that I threw up just from the fever! But it went away. It was just some weird virus. I hate those things!

  9. Oh, dear. Around here, going to the doctor with a fever means antibiotics (and since they work, I assume they had an infection somewhere.)

    Hope the little guy feels better, and the others stay healthy. And you stay healthy.

  10. Hope Sam is feeling better by now! And, hopefully Jack and Quinn will manage to escape whatever it is Sam has. Otherwise it will be “Germ Fest 2009” at your house too!! We have already been there….Not cool.

  11. Joseph had this same fever thing a while back. He would have a high fever and be miserable but as soon as they tylenol kicked in he would be just fine. I couldn’t send him to school (because of the fear that the RAGING FEVER OF DEATH would return) but I hated keeping him home when he was just fine and dandy. He had it for like a week and he darned near drove me nuts.

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