I Dare You to NOT Picture a Flaming Panda Now.

We’re in the car today. You know, just driving along. Sam starts talking about s’mores, because I guess that’s something he thinks about on a regular basis.

That talk led us to a conversation about fires. So Sam starts talking about how fast things burn. He wants to know if paper burns fast. We agree that it does. So I ask him what he thinks would burn slow. He says wood would burn slow. I agree, and then he starts asking about sticks, and sticks with leaves, and how do things catch on fire and some other stuff. It was a great little Thinking About Things session we had.

Then Quinn pipes up. And this is what he says:

“What about pandas? And panda ears? They burn slow, right? Right?!”

And there’s a little taste of what it’s like to ride in a car with Quinn.

15 thoughts on “I Dare You to NOT Picture a Flaming Panda Now.

  1. That is fantastic! (Not the burning Panda part, of course, but the creativity!) And how scarily familiar it is to conversations in my car – three boys of similar ages. Sigh…good to know that we’re all in this together…and also that Panda’s ears burn slowly!

  2. Have to tell my favorite Mark (husband) growing up story: His cat Boots dragged home a baby rabbit and Mom saw little Mark watching. She freaked out about the mental trauma, but fascinated little Mark said, “my Boots eats bunny ears first!”

    I guess this generation of boys hasn’t changed.

  3. Please send Quinn to me for an afternoon so I can take him for a car ride. He amuses me greatly. I wonder if the real reason pandas are so rare is that people have been using them for kindling.

  4. Clearly the main body of the panda would burn more slowly (and probably taste like chicken) while the ears would burn more quickly. I’m sure it’s a surface area/density issue.

    Please accept Flutter’s offer of a flaming panda sweater!

  5. something tells me he was thinking of that one wonder pets episode with the panda? Mine was asking me about cranes today, and once we found a map, Bubba didn’t care what the map said because apparently according to the wonderpets, cranes live by volcanos…maybe that’s where the burning pandas live too?

  6. Idea for next year’s science fair project…CHECK! Hey – the zoo has Pandas – maybe they could help – although they may require that you are a registered FONZ first (for people outide of DC – that is an acronym for “friend of the zoo” not a Happy Days character.)

  7. WTF?!?! What on earth do kids THINK about in those weird little brains of theirs?!?! That is so funny!!!!!! (and also a little disturbing.)

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