Magic Beans

In the, “Hey, can Stimey blog about anything more mundane?” category, I’m going to blog about green beans.


Frankly, I didn’t even know that Quinn knew green beans existed. But today at the grocery store he started babbling and pointing and saying, “Can we get beans? Can we get beans?”

And while internally I was wondering why in the world I’d want to purchase a vegetable, aloud I said, “Sure. We can have them for dinner.” Then I grabbed a couple handfuls of green beans, put them in a bag, then snapped the end off of one and gave it to Quinn to eat.

1. Shhh. Don’t tell the police.

2. Yes, I know it wasn’t clean.

Then for the rest of the time we were at the store, Quinn blathered about beans and how they’re yummy and how he was eating a bean and how we’re going to have beans for dinner and, “Hey, you there! Do you know that we’re buying beans?”

Then we went home and I fed him some raw beans for lunch.

And then he spent the rest of the day chattering about beans.

And when Sam got off the bus, that was the first thing that Quinn told him. Sam was not as excited. Sam only eats pea vegetables and corn vegetables, thank you very much. Nobody even bothered to tell Jack, because we all know how he feels about vegetables. (And fruit. And meat. And anything that is not a cheese or a bread or grain. Or a Go-gurt.)

Dinner went as expected. Quinn was pleasantly surprised that, hey! Lookit! Beans!

Jack, per usual, took a more scientific, I won’t let it pass my lips, but let me study the hell out of them, approach.

Sam, as instructed, kept his on his plate.

Also? My kids love them some Hamburger Helper. Were it not completely devoid of nutrients, yet full of preservatives (I’m assuming here), I would feed it to them every night. Every single one of them ate it. Although Jack only ate the noodles.

Then Sam and Jack took their uneaten beans to the back yard and buried them.

Because, for some weird reason, even though they won’t consume beans, they want to grow them.


Guess who else likes beans?

Quinn just about flipped his lid when I told him that he could feed Daisy a bean.


And in case you missed it: Bean.


p.s. Bean


Oh, and Bean.



34 thoughts on “Magic Beans

  1. Too funny! When I was student teaching, I wrote an entire kindergarten curriculum unit on beans. Here the the highlights: sorting beans, bean collages, growing beans, acting out Jack and the Beanstalk…You get the picture!

    Hmmm…I sense beans as an upcoming Stimey summer camp theme! I’ll even volunteer to co-teach about beans!

  2. Our neighbors actually grew magic beans for my kids and they were a major hit at playgroups! They are purple on the plant and turn green when they cook. I think your Stimeyland neighbors will start some for you.

  3. OMG. Daisy eating the bean should *totally* be your new avatar! How stinking cute is that!???

    Bean! Is that like “Word.”?? ;-) Ah, what do I know, I’m an old has-bean!

  4. I have a super great idea!!! Lets plant the green bean seeds that I have laying around. Right where they planted their green beans and in six weeks the boys will be delighted to find that beans actually GREW!!! Plus the green beans will be delicious.

  5. Bean.

    We planted peas today. I’m hoping that the thrill of growing our own will increase consumption at our house.

    Oh, and bean.

  6. You’d better watch it – if Daisy’s done in by a bean, the kids will never recover!!! haha

    You should totally grow beans. They’re the easiest thing ever. I have a bean forest upstairs in tiny peat pots waiting to be transplanted into the garden, and even now they’re growing beans on them!

  7. ROFL!!!! Will went through a bean phase, where all he would eat (as far as vegetables went) were beans. It has since transferred to peas, but only frozen peas; no fresh ones.

    But I’m a cruel dictator and make him eat whatever vegetable I feel like eating that night (except mushrooms, because I take pity on the poor boy).

  8. You know what this blog needs? More beans. I’m curious if anything will come of the beans the boys buried. We’re going to try beans in our garden this year. If we have any success you can send Quinn over for dinner.

  9. Ummm…are green beans also a “magical fruit” Stimey? Are you going to do a follow up peice on day two of the great bean ingestion? Oh no! ;-)

    Oh, I also loved the picture of the beans barely touching the plate! -Monica

  10. We always amuse the grocery store patrons when I take my kids, because they scream for broccoli. I wish they ate beans. We planted some peas in teh yard, but I think that was wishful planting, too.

  11. Too funny!

    I have one that just about lives on bread, pasta and yogurt. He says foods like potatoes or carrots are yucky because they come out of the ground.

    Occasionally he will eat eggs. Go figure.

    Chicken Butt.

  12. I can’t stop laughing. thanks. you made my day. I think I’m going to go to get some on the way home. My kids will think I’ve finally flipped my lid.

  13. Oh that story made me laugh! Quinn is so cute! Raw green beans are delicious… but have you ever introduced Quinn to raw peas out of the pod? Nothing quite like snapping the pod and munching on the peas! Maybe the kids can plant a pea tree next!

  14. I’m so easily amused. I love that pic of Daisy eating the bean too.

    Let us know if a giant vine grows from those beans they planted. Maybe Quinn can steal a harp and kill a giant and whatever.

  15. Brilliant photos and post, love the one of the gerbil looking very smug and satisfied!
    Green beans are obviously popular at the moment because I’ve read a few blogs on them this week!

  16. Loved this. And now I’m craving the kind of peas that you can eat pod and all. I know: peas are not beans. But I was reminded of them. By the beans.

    Also, William has that same striped orange shirt Sam is wearing.

  17. Mmm…beans! We’re growing beans in our garden this year, just so my kids can stare at them with disgust while I eat them.

    Oh how I wish I had a curious eater like Quinn.

  18. First, very fun (and funny) post!
    I remember growing and harvesting our own green beans in our (suburban) home garden as a child. We loved them too – probably something to do with picking them ourselves. Along with wild berries – yum!
    We also had 2 gerbils, which were officially ‘mine’ – that is, I cleaned their cage / habitat. I *didn’t* realize they can go grey, although I can relate to that on a personal level. : )
    I enjoy your blog and don’t know the etiquette- since you don’t know me…and I don’t have my own blog. So I’ll just sign this,

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