Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mental Note to Stimey: Think BEFORE You Start Talking

Sam: How does the Easter Bunny get eggs?

Me: Hmmmm. That's a really good question, Sam. Because bunnies don't lay eggs, huh?

Sam: Uh huh.

Me: Well, maybe a chicken gives him the eggs. [Yeah, I know I was reaching here. Get ready for more.] He brings you stuff in your Easter baskets, right?

Sam: Where does he get that stuff? From a store? [Perhaps Sam was remembering Easter 2007.]

Me: Maybe he borrows that stuff from Santa. [Seriously, Stimey, WHY?]

Sam: But then he'd have to give it back.

Me: Well, maybe Santa gives it to him to give to you.

Sam: Maybe. Or maybe it gets it from a store.

Who else here thinks Sam was trying desperately to help me out?


  1. We buy the stuff and give it to the Easter Bunny to put together and give to you. Then he adds his own treats, and hides the eggs.

    Of course, this is all in collusion with the tooth fairy here.

  2. Your kids crack me up. I hope they have a side career as a team of stand up comics.

  3. I don't remember my kids ever asking about where the Easter Bunny got things. Maybe because half the cream eggs and peeps all still said Walgreens on them. Sigh-h.

  4. Thank you for preparing me for the questions yet to come!

    Happy Easter!

  5. I was trying to come up with an appropriate answer last night as I was peeling price stickers. If it helps at all, my answer would have been equally ludicrous even with the prep time.

  6. "Come on, Mom, say store, STORE." Love it.

  7. I love the way little minds think! They are just too smart! Luckily mine aren't to the point where Sam is...They determined that the Easter Bunny was Santa's pet and they work together. Hope you have a great Easter!

  8. Clearly, he wants you to convert to Judaism. Listen to him. Shalom.

  9. This year we bought valentines stuff at 80-90% off, cut the 'i love you' out/off of the stuffed animals, took the wrapped candy out of the heart shaped boxes and stuck it in last year's plastic eggs...the one question I didn't get that I thought I would get? "Mommy, why did the easter bunny give us red and white puppies with hearts all over them that we saw at Walgreens a few months back?" Either they were clueless or were just being nice to their cheap mother.

  10. The Country bunny and the Little Gold Shoes.

    Best. Book. Ever.

    (Also probably half-price now at Barnes & Noble.)

    Absolutely fabulous, and awesome for moms to read too.


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