Monday, April 6, 2009

Miscellaneous Monday

It's like a clip show, only you haven't read the stories before.

Alex's Birthday:

Alex is 34 today! Happy Birthday, Alex! He celebrated by having a long day at work and then receiving presents like this one...

...from Quinn. Which is actually kind of a big deal because Quinn loves that piece of paper.

Our Über-Successful Dinner Party:

Alex and I invited two families over for dinner on Saturday and I gotta tell you, it was one of our better hosting events. Both the adult group and the kid group got along splendidly, none of the kids got hurt, and both families left their extra desserts at my house. Pretty much perfect, huh?

Seriously, I haven't laughed that hard for a while. Good times.

My Diet/Caffeine/Exercise Plan:

It's going swimmingly. I haven't napped for days. And even better, I don't feel like I have to nap to survive anymore. I think the less soda/more water plan is working. I'm also trying to go to bed before midnight each night. I think that's helping too.

My YouTeeEye:

This one is not awesome. However, I get these stupid things (UTIs) enough that I don't fuck around anymore. I felt my first symptom at about 1 p.m. this afternoon and I had my kids in the car and headed to the doctor's office by 1:30.

You know what's funny? Walking into an OB/GYN with three kind of giant children. We took up most of the waiting room. There was a dicey moment when I turned around from paying my co-pay to find them huddled around the water cooler, but once I pulled out the video games, they chilled out.

Some lady even complimented me in the parking lot on the way out about how good my kids were. That rarely happens to me, so I was super pleased.

My iPhone is in Jeopardy:

Jack has figured out how to use the thing, and he loves it. Read how his gadget-loving self is going to drive me to an early grave. Or something to that effect. (Trusera, the site on which the post I just linked to is posted, is having a (rare) technical glitch as I write this. The link may or may not work for you right now. Also, Trusera may have to shut down next month, which is sad because it's a cool health-based community. If you haven't yet, head on over and give it some love.)

Jackasses in the Waiting Room:

There are two families that are always in our speech therapy waiting room when we get there on Mondays. Each of them is waiting for a child to finish a session. Each of them consists of a mom and boy who is about 8 or 9. Every week those two boys are playing with Transformers.

Every week, with the exception of one time when Jack was super-persistent, Jack asks to play with them and every week these kids say no. And they don't just say no, they're rude about it. Like today when Jack said, "Hi, can I play for a second?" And one of the kids said, "Not even for a millisecond." And there were, like, six Transformers not being used spread out all over the waiting room floor.

And the moms don't even bat a fucking eye.

No, not every kid has to let Jack play, but couldn't the moms at least instruct their kids to be nice about it? (Set aside the fact that every single goddamn mom I know would say, "I'd like you to share your toys," to their kid.)

Seeing as how their other kids/siblings get speech therapy, you would think that they would at least be aware that there are kids with special social needs in the waiting room. Assholes.

Thank God they're only there for the first few minutes that we're there. Everyone that comes later is super nice.

Daisy Lives!

And she likes goldfish crackers.


  1. Happy birthday Alex!

    Hmm...I wonder if Teo would fall in love with an iphone if we were to bring one home. (We're thinking of getting one in about 2 months, maybe.)

    That's just sad, those kids who are unkind to Jack in the waiting room. But I'm so in awe of Jack for being persistent and taking the unkindness in stride.

  2. Daisy is precious and precocious with her Pepperidge Farm boon.

    We've got piles of those Transformers gathering dust. Want me to send you some so those wretched, selfish waiting room rats/children can writhe with jealousy next time?

    I'll do it!

    You know I will!

  3. I'm afraid that the less soda/more water thing would probably make me feel better as well. You've inspired me. I'll start tomorrow after my 7-11 coffee (my new addiction...)

  4. I do not understand parents like that. I would absolutely insist that my kid share his toys. No question.

    Well done returning Daisy safely home.

  5. I've totally fallen off the Nutrisystem wagon (for now). It's so funny when you know what to do to keep your body feeling and working better but yet fall into easy traps.

    Keep a glass of water filled all day. Every time you walk by it, guzzle it down.

  6. So many coments so little time:

    Happy B-day Alex!

    Michael loves my iphone. All i want in life is Apple to make a 30$ iphone filled with kids games. Blackberrey is doing it.

    That mother was evil.

  7. I would like to buy Jack a truck full of Transformers - can we think of something to really (passive-aggressively) irritate that Mom?

    Happy Birthday, Alex! It's sad/funny that as adults we get a piece of scribbled paper for a birthday present and a successful dinner party is when no one gets hurt.

  8. Those kids would have ticked me off too.

    Loved the pic of Alex with his piece of paper!

  9. Happy Birthday, Alex! And you totally need to walk into that waiting room with a big ole bag of candy... just for YOUR kids. Mature, no. But I am the passive-aggressive MASTAH!

  10. For a while I was getting UTIs so frequently that my doctor wrote a standing prescription for me. I didn't need to the doctor's office every single time I had one, but I just called the pharmacy!!

    I also had a friend who would get them every time she had sex with her dear husband and this was creating some...friction in their lives. She ended up with a prescription for a pill she takes before they get it on.

    So if these are frequent enough, talk to your doctor to avoid all those extra co-pays!

  11. so glad things are better, and the bday party went well--no kids hurt--I love that! BTW, I left something for you at my blog.

  12. Today is my b-day so Alex and I almost share it. Except I'm WAY older than he is. Happy B-Day yesterday Alex!

    .. those nasty kids are only taking after their nasty mothers. But how do you tell Jack that? :(

  13. I've heard of a paper anniversary but a paper birthday? Happy birthday to your dude.

    Are you ready to meme??? ;-) Just following the rules to post a comment for you. Can't wait to see what you come up with. No wait. I'm afraid.... ;-) -Monica

  14. Gaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh why do people just LET their kids be rude?

  15. Waiting rooms are filled with freaks, no matter the office.Tell your kid to not even look at them and bring a stack of comic books to the wait room. And share if the loser kid asks to see one.

  16. I think i'll take a page from your book - less soda more water. soda and coffee are the only fluids i drink all day and ive noticed lately that im excessively tired. like pregnancy tired (but not pregnant - hallelujah!!)

    i know youve probably been asked a million times, but have you tried cranberry juice at the very beginning inklings (tinklings?) of your uti? its always worked for me, but has to be 100% cranbery juice - not the 'cocktail'.

    or, you can make a cocktail out of cranberry juice... might not work, but a nice end to a long day...

  17. UTIs are a bitch -- have that trouble myself. Have become a big fan of the CVS MinuteClinic because mine seem to always appear aright after the OB office closes. Hope you're feeling better!

  18. Yay, Daisy lives! You guys so totally rock. We have a jerkoid family at our therpists, too. Actually, its a little clique of them, but we only see the one now because of scheduling changes. Her latest thing is to leave the kid to go shopping while he is in therapy, and return ten minutes late (thus making the next kid, waiting for their appointment, sit an extra ten minutes, because the therapist can't just chuck the kid into the waiting room.)

  19. Hooray, both for Alex's birthday AND Daisy's supermammal survivalism!

  20. Love the description of the dicey moment around the water cooler. So real.
    sweetest living for your family


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