11 thoughts on “One Word Wednesday: Appalling

  1. Is this a lame knockoff of the Dangerous Book for Boys / Daring Book for Girls franchise? Because those books rocked, and this idea is pathetic and wrong. Even worse, I think, is that Scholastic is listed as the publisher for these two.

  2. I actually have the boys book, and actually read most of it! I’m not sure whether to be offended at the girls book or just start laughing hysterically?!!

  3. It’s funny, my daughter is a total girly-girl and even though she’s only three she’s way into all things pink and frilly and sparkly and pretty. She came into that all on her own. If anything I tried to discourage it. (Only a little bit because it is fun having a girl who’s such a little lady. I admit it.) I can see her loving a book like this when she’s a little bit older. On it’s own I don’t think it’s such a terrible idea. Put it next to the boy book and then it becomes disturbing and offensive. Strange how that works. Anyway, we’re the proud owners of the Daring Book for Girls so I guess we’ll just stick with that.

  4. I was going to also ask if this was an April Fool’s joke too, and I’m disappointed that apparently it’s not. WAAH! I’m so happy I have boys.

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