Friday, April 3, 2009

Stimey Mood Update...Now With More Gerbil

Thank you all for your well-wishes after yesterday's post. I am much happier today.

I'm tired, but no more tired than on a normal day. I did nap briefly today, but only for about 20 minutes while my children cleaned their room. Well, while Sam cleaned their room and the other two puttered around avoiding cleaning their room. And that is why Sam earned Lego Star Wars playing time and the other two have to watch him.

I would like to clarify that I am not quitting caffeine, but rather cutting down. See, I drink a lot of soda. And I need to drink much less soda. And so far so good.

I have continued to do well with my food intake. Although here's a tip: the day before you go on a diet (and it kills me to say that I'm "on a diet" because I hate that terminology for some reason, but I am on a diet, I suppose) do not, repeat, do not, buy a loaf of delicious fresh-baked cinnamon swirl bread. Trust me.

And as soon as my kids go to bed I plan to do another very light 40 minutes on the elliptical. Thank you to everyone who assured me that I can, in fact, do the Shred, but I've been reading your tweets and all you people talk about is how much it's killing you. So I think I'll ease into it with some very light ellipticalling, thank you very much. Maybe I'll Shred next month.

Also contributing to my good mood is this:

Daisy, Quinn's class gerbil, is here for another visit!

You may remember that when I brought her home to spend the weekend this past September, I was terribly concerned that she might not make it through the weekend. Add several months to her now old age and imagine how stressed I must be. Plus, I'm keeping her for all of spring break, so there's a whole week and a half to be worried about here.

But you wanna know the kicker? I was actually going to bring her home a couple of weekends ago, but Quinn's teacher suggested that I postpone her visit because she had come in one morning to find Daisy unresponsive and difficult to wake. Plus she did some staggering around and seemed not quite right on one side. Quinn's teacher thought Daisy might have had a stroke and that she might be near the end.

But since then she's been "totally fine" so thumbs up, fingers crossed, and happy thoughts!

In related news, I'm thinking of pre-writing her obituary now. It's going to start like this:
Three-year-old Daisy passed away this spring break under the watchful eyes of Stimey's cat Izzy...
I am so screwed.


  1. Good luck with Daisy and have a great break!

  2. Poor Daisy... She looks like she has had a full, happy life. Izzy will enjoy!

  3. Is it a comfort to you to know that you won't have any "corpse-disposal" problems? No? Well, I tried. It was the best I could do ;)

  4. I'm betting Daisy would love a small chunk of delicious fresh-baked cinnamon swirl bread ... heh heh..

  5. Did I ever tell you about the time my little sister brought home the class hamster over winter break and it had babies? And then proceeded to eat all the babies? Fun times. I'll trust that Daisy, in her waning years, is past her pup-bearing (that is what you call baby gerbils, right?) stage of life.

  6. Yowsers. No pressure, there!

    By the way, I've cut down my diet coke intake ... by drinking tea. MORE caffeine, LESS chemicals, and antioxidents to boot. And hey, at about 3 cents a cup, much, much cheaper.

    But I miss the fizzy goodness.

  7. De, that is maybe the most horrible story I have ever heard in my life. I guess it's a good way to learn about nature in all it's vicious hideousy, but...yikes!

  8. I'm sure Daisy will be fine in your care! Good luck with your diet, I'm with you on that, but I'm choosing to call it a healthy eating regime, less onerous, right? What is shredding? I have exactly 21 days until I have fit better into my bridesmaid dress for my friends wedding, maybe I should look into this???

  9. God help me when the day comes that my kid brings home the class pet.

    And I ordered the Shred on Amazon this week. I'm not committing to anything more than the $10 it cost me, but I assure you that if I can make it through then ANYONE can.

  10. That cinnamon swirl bread is worse than CRACK, I tell you!

    And De in DC, I am horrified. Never bringing the class gerbil home now. Uh UH.

  11. I have a terrible diet coke habit. And with my current stress level, it's gotten worse.

    And of course I really hope the gerbil doesn't die. Oh and if it should die, don't try to trick the kids by replacing it for another one. They can tell the difference. My parakeet once died while we were out of town and our neighbor was feeding it. When we came home, I immediately knew that blue parakeet was NOT Polly. Because, you know, Polly was yellow.

  12. Sounds like I'd watch for diabetes in your gerbil guest.

    And if it makes you feel better, I think you look thin, beautiful, and awake in ever picture you've ever posted. It could definitely be worse- you could look like me.

  13. glad you're feeling better. Your gerbil wouldn't be safe I found a large beheaded rabbit, a crushed bird, and a messed-up cat is wicked. Luckily the rabbit was too big to be hoisted through the kitty door.

  14. When I quit the caffeine I mentioned it to a doctor who told me to (surprise!) drink lots of water. The other thing he said? Put lemon in the water. Lemon helps you detox faster.

    I used to drink more Dr. Pepper than Forest Gump gone to meet the President. Now I'm totally off the stuff for years. For me cutting down never worked for long. I would always be back at the White House.

  15. The Gerbil had a stroke?

    I nearly fell off my chair laughing.

    Sorry. Just. OMG. That is hilarious.

    (and now your readers think I am insensitive AND insane!)

  16. Good luck with the soda thing. I'm a soda addict and it's been TERRIBLE to quit. I tried cold turkey and spent 3 days with a horrible migraine until I went to "one a day" and even that's hard.

  17. Why are all class pets named Daisy? And yes, when we kept Daisy the Bunny for the weekend, I took pictures and memorized her markings in the likelihood I had to buy a replacement.

    De in DC...oh my GOD! I am simultaneously horrified and laughing my ass off.

  18. Ok, Stimey, I have to tell you, every time I peek in to see how you and the gerbil are doing, that last line being in italics (the faux-obit) makes my heart leap into my throat every time.

    May it remain a faux-obit.

  19. Oh God, quitting the DC addiction is the hardest thing ever. It was as tough as Malboro Lights.

    I switched to Club Soda...and if it's 5 o clock (somewhere), a jigger of voddie helps too.

    Nope, I don't have an addictive personality, why do you ask?

  20. I hope Daisy's visit at your home this spring break is great! Let us know how it goes!

  21. Sorry for horrifying everyone! I think the lesson here is that the class gerbils/hamsters should not cohabitate a cage even when you are absolutely sure that they are both girls. Because yeah... might not both be girls.


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