Because He Wasn’t Loud Enough Before

A Quiz:

At what point do you think I regretted buying this particular item for Quinn?

(a) At our next stop: the bank

(b) At the following stop: the grocery store

(c) At home

(d) All of the above

Answer: It’s a trick question! I regretted it even before I paid for the damn thing at the party store.

Actual quote from Quinn: “This way everyone can hear from me.”

18 thoughts on “Because He Wasn’t Loud Enough Before

  1. You are bonkers. Also it’s like 80 degrees today and I see Quinn is wearing his winter coat.

  2. Of course, we ALL want to hear from Quinn! ;) Don’t worry, maybe he’ll “lose” it after a few days!

  3. Good God, woman! What drugs were you taking (or, what meds did you *forget* to take) that made you think small boy+giant megaphone= wise decision?

    LMAO!! I think I can hear Quinn from here! ;-)

  4. Okay, that was too funny! I needed a giggle today. My giggle is on the inside today. I feel too lousy on the outside…

  5. Dude! You bought one of those?!? I have some stashed in my closet I would have given you for free. LMK if you need to do a drive by to pick up some for Jack and Sam. I also have ear plugs if you need those too!

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