Saturday, May 2, 2009

Chicken Conclusion

I know you all are on the edge of your seats. I bet you're dying to know what's been happening with Team Stimey and The Chicken Game.

Last we saw our intrepid chicken—Clive, to those of you on a first-name basis—he was spending time in the bottom of a bag of coffee:

Then he disappeared. Alex said he had hidden Clive somewhere and that he was surprised that I hadn't found him yet. I was about 95% convinced that he had hidden it near the mop and when I finally found it he was going to be all, "HA! You haven't mopped for the past six weeks!" or whatever.

And shut up. My floors are fine. Sort of.

Finally, one day on the way out to dinner, I opened the seldom-used coin pouch on my wallet and found not only my emergency $20 bill, but also this:

Attempted re-fluffification went poorly:

I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but the chicken didn't make it.

Since then, I've been playing a sad, not very successful, one-sided version of The Chicken Game. I put a chicken in my mom's Kindle case the day she flew away after a visit. It fell out into her purse, which was funny, but less funny than I intended. Then I hid a chicken in the lid of Alex's shaving cream. When he finally got around to opening that can, the chicken fell out, unseen.

I'm running out of chickens here, people. And ideas.

Clive may have to go into retirement. Or at least on vacation for a while.


If this semi-coherent chicken story doesn't do it for you, why don't you head over to Magneto Bold Too, where I am semi-coherently guest posting for the fabulous Kelley. Topic: Quirky Animal Stories Weekly.


  1. Hi! I came over from Magneto Bold Too, and I just wanted to tell you, I loved your guest post, and now I am officially stalking your blog. =) Kelly will vouch for me. I'm not crazy in a bad way.

  2. Yes, sadly, this is what usually happens with TCG. You run out of places. However! I have good news! You can play it indefinitely if you just wait a really really long time between hidings! Because then you can reuse the same spots, but since it's been eight months since you last hid a chicken, it's like a FRESH SURPRISE.

    Also: The fridge and the medicine chest and pill bottles are good places.

  3. I have never played the chicken game (rip Clive), but I did play a creepy game with my old boyfriend. I was living with him but it wasn't going well and I would be moving out soon. So I took a picture of me with a big smile on my face and duplicated it, and taped little pics of me all over his house and garage. On the back of pictures I knew he wouldn't look at until he needed to paint the walls, in the back of drawers, dropped a few in a vase or box. You know, so he would find me smiling at him for years to come.
    Kind of sad really because he was sorry he screwed up - after it was too late. And he's probably STILL finding my picture.

  4. My husband hit conversation hearts everywhere for valentine's this year. I'm still finding them.

    Clive definitely looked a little flat, but are you sure you can't revive him? How about the bottom of a tissue box? There's always the travel shave kit!

  5. ROFLMAO over the RIP Clive photo. You crack me up!!

  6. Hahahahahahaha, HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! That is ONE FLAT CHICK!!!!!!! HAHAHA!!!!!

  7. I searched all over for chenille chickens before Easter. I didn't find any. I was pretty pissed about it, too.

  8. I wondered whatever happened to those darn chickens. Sad ending but at least I know now! Good writing Stimey!

  9. Clive Rocks..well used to rock. I have a plethora of chickies here too. Yellow, pink and blue! Love me some fluffy chicks! P.S...I will be stalking you also from now on :-)

  10. Refluffification can be a bitch.

  11. I love that you know how to have fun.

    That is all.


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