Killing the Forest One Note at a Time

For the past few weeks, Jack has been a one-man writing machine. He is regularly seen wandering the house with a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. Often he will ask me or Alex to write or draw something for him, but many times he will just go ahead and do it himself.

He writes stories, letters, books, lists, and occasional random proclamations. For example, chicks are apparently allowed in his room, but rabbits are not.

Fabulous chick artwork by Stimey.
That’s chick-fuzz, not stubble.

Even better rabbit artwork by Jack.

I’ve had to start hiding my favorite pens from Jack so he doesn’t wander off with them. And I had to teach him NOT to push “start copy” on my printer/copier in order to get a blank piece of paper to come out.

He regularly will be sitting somewhere then get a glint in his eye and sprint off to find a piece of paper and a pen.

The only irritating part about this whole thing is that he steadfastly refuses to use scratch paper, meaning that if something is written or printed on the other side, that piece of paper has been Ruined. So my deep drawer of one-side-empty paper? Totally useless.

Fortunately we have friends looking out for us. Friends who do things like buy and wrap a ream of fresh clean paper for Jack for his birthday. I put it in our kid-paper drawer for him to work his way through, but evidently that doesn’t provide easy enough access. Just minutes ago when I wandered past his room, I found this:

That’s about half a ream of paper sitting there just waiting for a middle of the night note. And you’d better believe that he will eventually write on each of those pieces of paper.

Now if I could just get someone to write on the other side.

26 thoughts on “Killing the Forest One Note at a Time

  1. One of the best presents my daughter got for her 4th birthday was a pile of school exercise books – especially the ones with half-lined paper (the top half blank for drawing a picture, bottom half with lines for the story). I thought the giver was sooooo clever!

  2. Ethan loves to draw and will go through several pieces of paper a day. Thank God he’s willing to use scrap paper. :)

  3. My girl is but 5 and I think she’s written her way through half a tree already. I have stacks and stacks of finished prose and drawings around the house. I think they’d get along famously!

  4. Yeah Jack & John are a lot alike. John steadfastly REFUSES to use paper that has already been written on. And yes, we broke down & gave him a ream of paper so he’d stop stealing it out of the printer.

  5. Ha! My mooser is the note man in our house. He can’t write really, so we have yellow notepads and notebooks with scribbles all over the place. And now thanks to handwriting w/o tears, he can do capital H,L,I,T so we now have scribble with those random letters all over the place. ;) This is the kid that threw the biggest tantrum ever at office depot because I couldn’t buy him a pad of post it notes. Like mother like son…right?!?!?!

  6. Hmmmm . . . I love scrap paper. I write and print on it all the time. Maybe you could send it my way. Except that I live in Germany and that would be like the most unenvironmental idea ever. Too bad, I was getting excited about that slightly used paper . . .

  7. That was Abby, and now she’s a Journalism major! Her favorite store is still Office Depot. I think giving a ream of paper as a birthday gift is brilliant!

  8. HRH is also a big note writer. Luckily, he’s not quite as prolific as Jack.

    Wait ’til they figure out they can also use the copy button for their hands, faces…and you just know the butt pictures are coming.

  9. I love Jack’s signs! So, have any chicks come to visit him in his room yet? (Uh, I hope he means the cute little yellow fuzzy kind of chicks!)

  10. My J is the exact.same.way. And I’d might as well get rid of the crayons; he’s a marker man all the way. At least I’ve scared him away from the colored Sharpies.

  11. lol, My brother(who has Aspergers) almost completely refuses to draw on anything but printer paper, and he’s FIFTEEN. He’s drawn in my sketchbook before though, but he likes smooth plain white paper. He does image copies of Gundams, looking off them and drawing them. He also refuses to break from how he draws, which is dark, clean lines with full detail. He will not move on to another part of the robot unless the first part is in clean dark lines. So, if he takes my college course, and has to gesture draw volumetric forms, I hope my instructor will be patient…

    Also, his highschool class and my college course had a similar assignement: mark a grid on an image and draw it according to the squares of the grid.

    My brother – “I went ‘screw that!’ and drew regular.”

    You’re not gonna grow from that, dude. x.x; I don’t know whether to say that to him or let his rigidness be. Ah well, another story of autism, and what you might get later on. Sorry for the length, I’m big on art.

    PS. I think my brother received a ream of paper once, too! He draws a helluva lot more than I do, on his downtime at least.

  12. And this! OMG, Jack and (my) Sam sometimes seem that they are cut from the same cloth. We have the same stuff happening over here. My house is literally covered with all of Sam’s thoughtful musings. And he is similarly put off by any mark, no matter how small. It could be really light, in yellow, and still — he will not deign to use the other side. I’ve taken to buying reams of paper at costco and filling up boxes on recycling day :)

  13. Alex got a ream of paper for her 4th birthday – we have a picture of her hugging it she was so happy! Gotta love when it’s that simple (since it won’t be for long!)

  14. You should use them as cards! Fold them in half and use them when you have to send someone some photos, or include them in pif boxes, or something. :)

  15. Cordy got stacks of paper, sketch books and crayons for her birthday last year. She fills all of them with pretty much the same drawing, over and over (a stick person, an outline of her hand, and the letter X), but she loves to draw.

    I have a feeling that she’ll be getting even more art supplies for her birthday this year, too.

  16. My kids never liked the ntion of writing on scratch paper. Except when they were babies and toddlers and didn’t know any bettter. I use the scratch paper for lists, but maily recycle it.

    So, glad that you have a writer on your hands. Good deal!

    By the way, expect an e-mail from me…you won a Romano’s Macaroni Grill gift basket!

  17. Ha! I just ran across this and the “this means you” sign jumped out at me. This is also on my son’s door. Except he drew a person instead of a bunny – to make it look like his little brother. Guess yours is a Max & Ruby fan as well! That is too funny that several children with autism were motivated to make the sign after seeing the episode!

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