Three Photos About Father’s Day

This is the photo I was going to print out, frame, and give to Alex for Father’s Day. But I forgot. In the two days since I took the damn thing. I suck.

The art project I successfully managed to get put together for Father’s Day more than two months ago. I rock!

And the baseball game Alex suggested we spend the day at. Alex rocks!

13 thoughts on “Three Photos About Father’s Day

  1. The art project is totally awesome! I might steal that idea for when Fathers’ Day rolls around in this hemisphere. We have the same Mothers’ Day as you, but Fathers’ Day is in … ummm, wait… September. Cool. Plenty of time to forget to do something!

  2. Whenever I see pictures like that I am jealous that you get to have three boys. How fun!


  3. I suck more: I didn’t even get him cards this year. Your art project is fab.

    I love that Alex isn’t holding on to Quinn in the middle of those raging rapids. Fathers, indeed.

  4. That art project rocks…stealing it!!!! I am so lame, I gave F a t-shirt that I got for free on the internet that says “king of the grill” that he will never wear (maybe as an undershirt), but we got him a cool darth vader card. The baseball game sounds like fun!!!

  5. Very cool art project and way to spend Father’s Day. I love the pic too, you can frame it for Xmas! ;)

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