By the Way, Jack’s Doing Great

With all the hubbub leading up to the start of Jack’s summer school, I forgot to tell you how it went. I think I forgot because it’s been such a non-event. Every morning, we sit on the porch and wait for the bus to come and then he wanders over to the bus when it shows up. Four hours later, the bus pulls up again and Jack gets off—noticeably tireder, but happy.

The first day he curled up on our porch steps after the bus dropped him off and closed his eyes. The second day the bus aide had to wake him up when they got to my house. And it’s only a 25 minute ride from the school. Today, he got off the bus, took four steps and then laid down on the grass and closed his eyes.

All three days though, as soon as we got him inside the house, he perked right up. Especially the day I baked him cookies.

By all reports, cursory as they may be, everything is going well. It sounds like he’s having fun. He’s content to go to school. They did math based on bags of M&Ms today. How do you beat that?

Hopefully there will be similarly non-eventful things for me to forget to tell you for the rest of the month.

17 thoughts on “By the Way, Jack’s Doing Great

  1. Yay Jack!

    Is he hoping for cookies-every day-after-camp?

    Teo’s in school for almost 6 hours every day this month! Most days he’s fine till the end, starts to get loopy, then falls asleep at 630 or 7!

  2. Sure, it’s great and all, BUT…does his being tired mean NO CAMP STIMEY???? Because that would be an insupportable tragedy, truly. I need more Camp Stimey reports!

  3. Glad that no news IS good news. Content to go to school when his brothers aren’t going, is great!

  4. Yea for Jack! Yea for summer school! Yea for school curriculum that appears to include ingesting large amounts of Ambien!

  5. I’m so glad he’s happy!!! You never know how a kid’s going to take being in school in the summer, especially if his siblings *aren’t*. It sounds like they’re really squeezing the energy out, too, plus a hot bus ride, too. Zzzzzzz…..

  6. Whoo-hoo!

    I totally forgot to ask you about this this morning … but I was dying to know! Glad to hear things are going well for him.

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