Friday, July 3, 2009

Camp Stimey's Attendance Nearly Doubled Today!

Waaaaay back in spring of 2007 when I started blogging and started seeking out autism blogs, I found Life with Joey. You've heard me talk about that blog and its writer, Joeymom (naturally), here fairly regularly. That is because her blog was one of the first that I regularly read and she is one of the women whom I feel that I have really connected with in this weird little online community we have.

Why do I blog?

Lots of reasons, but women like Joeymom are probably the main reason.

We have become friends over the course of the past two years, but even though she lives in Virginia and I live not far away in Maryland, we had never met in person.

Until today.

Joeymom invited us to come spend the afternoon with her and Andy and Joey
at Wakefield, the birthplace of George Washington. Because she's all about the Government/American History Week of Camp Stimey.

Meet today's campers: Sam, Andy, Joey, Quinn (that's what he does if you ask him to smile), and Jack, our little snacker.

Wakefield is incredibly beautiful and was a really nice place to let all the little dudes run around and get to know each other.

It was cool to see the historical stuff there, but my kids were more interested in getting to know Joey and Andy. I was pleased because I could mostly let my children run wild and actually talk with Joeymom. I know! Crazy, huh? Conversation? With five munchkins running around?

Of course, because today was a federal holiday, I dragged Alex along for precisely that reason. He did a lot of the munchkin wrangling. Plus he found all kinds of gross and/or semi-terrifying things to delight and/or freak out all the kids.

He started out with a giant bug exoskeleton he found, moved on to an active bee hive in a tree, and came in for the win in the Animal Freakshow Trifecta with a rabbit skull.

At least we think that's what it was. It was pretty cool. See its gruesome little fangs?

Sam found a soul mate and bosom buddy in Andy. Joeymom, I hope you're prepared for frequent phone calls from us. Sam really wants to chat with Andy. Sam was a little bit devastated that we weren't going home with his new buddies.

While Sam and Andy were becoming lifelong friends, Joey was really enjoying my watch. He set and re-set that thing over and over. He has some sort of magical gift too, because after we left and I set it back to the right time, I noticed that Joey's last guess at the time had been less than ten minutes off.

And while all that was happening and Joeymom and I were looking at the cutest baby pigs you've ever seen (mmmm...bacon), Jack was busy doing some horse whispering.

And lest you think we got out of there without Quinn manipulating me into doing exactly what he wanted, I bought him a new friend.

That kid has me wrapped around his little finger.

Aside from the hideous traffic on the way there, Wakefield with Joeymom and Crew was one of the high points of our week. I'm so happy to have finally met her, and it better not be two years before I see her again.

(Thank you, Joeymom! We had a great day with you!)


  1. Sounds like a fantastic day. So great that you all could finally meet :)

  2. *sniff* I'm jealous!! So glad you had a good time together. Those boys look like they are in serious affinity with one another!

    I love the horse whisperer photo. Awesome!

  3. Hooray! There's nothing better than a blogger meet-up. At least I don't think there is!!

  4. Sounds like a great day at Camp Stimey! Gotta love IRL bloggy friends! OMG I always think of bacon when I see little piggies too!

  5. That's very cool that you guys finally got to meet up! I've never met another real live blogger, I hear they actually do exist but I need to be sure. I'm meeting a couple in August so I'll keep you posted.

    Love the pictures!

  6. You guys take MUCH better pictures than we do. ;) Andy has already colored a triceratops for Sam, and is very upset we couldn't post it immediately. Hopefully I'll have a nice surprise to add to teh package. ;)


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