Thursday, July 16, 2009

Coming Clean

I've been getting a lot of kudos from all y'all for my super awesome parenting skills as they pertain to Camp Stimey. And, I know, I do totally rock and am the best mom in the whole world.


But for those of you who look at what I've been doing and feel angst, rest assured, I am not the supermom that I make myself out to be on Camp Stimey Saturday Summaries. My favorite comment came from Papa Echo (one of my old college pals, who happened to marry my best friend from high school, Mama Echo) on my last Saturday Summary. It said, in part:
"I've been instructed to "one-up" you, since you're pretty much ruining everyone else's summer. You and your second-rate YMCA camp... [insert description of super awesome science-y fun here] Take that, Camp Stimey (whose acronym looks somehow suspiciously like some Russian corporate oligarchy). But have a good summer."
Touché, Papa Echo. Touché.

I'll have you know that even though I've been following through on my Camp Stimey theme weeks and having a great time with my kids this summer, that the rest of my life is pretty much falling apart.

My house is a sty. I haven't cooked a nutritious dinner for my children for five weeks. Today, after I took my kids out for soccer fun, we came home and watched Kung Fu Panda because, "Martial arts are a sport."

It's true. I said that.

Then I sent one of my kids to someone else's house, entrusted the other two to my mother's helper, and then after all that was done, they played video games and I took a nap.

My friend ALW said that it's totally okay that my house stuff is not going great because I'm using all of my energy actively parenting my children. But she told me that I had to come clean.

So now I feel clean.



  1. Glad I'm not the only one whose house is a sty. Love being able to blame "active parenting."

  2. And, you somehow have time to blog too. Are you sure you don't have a clone?
    Aren't all of our houses not quite Martha perfect? I don't trust women who have clean houses. Either their kids are neglected or they can hire a housekeeper. Or are possibly borgs.

  3. I still think Camp Stimey is awesome. And there's plenty of time for cleaning during the school term (that's what I've been telling myself anyway, and there's no Camp UpsideBackwards!). In 20 years time, will your kids remember how the house looked, or the amazing things they did in their holidays? I bet I can guess. PS Can I send my kids to your place next summer?!

  4. Damn, another icon toppled off a pedestal! ;-)

    And, um, are you *sure* ALW didn't say "Go! Clean!"?? ;-)

  5. Perhaps you can add a week to this year's Camp Stimey schedule called Home Economics Week. Or some such.

    Seriously. You could teach the kids about hydro-ceramic-engineering" (a.k.a. dishwashing), robotics (a.k.a. trying to unclog the Roomba), and Feng Shui (a.k.a. putting away their toys).

    I think this has real potential ...

  6. I totally agree with Heather. I also don't trust women who have clean houses. Besides, here in the echo household, we feel that our dirty house is helping to build up our kids immunities. Sounds good right? As my neighbor says, "No one will catch a disease in my house, it's just cluttered and messy and dirty. If you don't like it, then don't come over." I say, go ahead and enjoy spending time with your kids Stimey. The house can always be cleaned later, or never.

  7. And any of this doesn't mean you are a super rockin' mom because... ???

    Joey and I were supposed to do weather camp today, but we ended up making cookies instead, so I proclaimed it Second Cooking Camp (last week we made brownies) and had him watch the Food episode of Signing Time. Bingo, Cooking Camp. With yummy cookies.

    Hey, the Season 2 has an episode on seasons and one on outside. I bet those include signs about weather. Think I can justify $230 for the full set to have weather camp next week?

  8. I have it on very good authority that if you want a good nanny, you do not ask her to cook, do laundry, or clean.

    So there.

  9. And you're STILL better than me.

  10. I dunno. It's still pretty intimidating! Esp since my house is also...a little messy.

  11. I'm so disillusioned . . . NOT!

  12. I must be a great, engaged mom because we had pizza last night, McDonalds tonight, and my house looks like shit.

  13. Thank you -- I needed to know that. My house is both messy and dirty. And my kids are watching Monsters, Inc. while I type.

  14. Let me tell you Stimey. I know a couple people with really clean houses and one of them has specifically indicated that she spends more time cleaning than with her kids. That's what makes you so likeable Stimey, is that you're a regular mom and woman who does cool stuff with her kids. If you had a clean house and cooked nutritious meals all the time it would take away from the rest.


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