Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

Yesterday I called my county's ESY office to see if I could make any headway in finding out some more information about Jack's summer school. I got a return call on my cell phone from the site coordinator about five minutes before 5 p.m.


We talked briefly, then I asked if the teachers would be setting up their classrooms next Monday and if Jack and I could stop by to meet his teacher.

"But school starts on Monday," she said.

"," I stuttered. "I thought it started on the 7th."

"No, it starts Monday," she said.

I recovered, even though I was sure the letter had said July 7th. I asked if there was another day we could come in. She told us that Jack and I could come by Thursday (today) to see the teachers, although she didn't have her roster with her so didn't know the name of Jack's teacher.

I give you this whole backstory because of this: I am not the type of person to make a mistake on something like the start date of school. I will compulsively double and triple check to make sure I have it right, but I ALWAYS do.

So I went home and checked the letter. And it said that school starts July 7.

Of 2008.

Well, thank god I'm such a rabble-rouser, otherwise I never would have noticed the "8" instead of the "9" and the bus would have rolled up on Monday morning and we would all have been like, "Whaaaaaa—?" And Jack would have had to attend his first day of ESY in his pajamas.

Anyway, Jack and I went in this morning and it couldn't have gone better. His teacher is the resource teacher from his own school, so he knows her and likes her. He is in a small class and he will have buddies from his kindergarten class with him.

I am so relieved I can't even tell you.

The teacher even said that she sends home daily notes and will give all the parents her cell number so we can be sure to get in touch with her if we need to.

*ping* *ping* *ping* *ping* *ping* *ping*

(That's the sound of all my ducks lining up in a row, thank Jeebus.)


  1. YAY!!! I am glad it is all working out to go smoothly!

  2. ping ping ping! Good for you - better for Jack!

  3. NICE! Am so so happy for you guys! Another crisis averted.

  4. Fantastic news. I think it's going to work out great. Happy happy, joy joy indeed!

  5. Whew! All those crossed fingers must have done some good!
    I thought it was a bit odd that school started on a Tuesday, then I decided you might have Monday off because the 4th is a Saturday... Happy 4th, by the way :-)

  6. You are such a GREAT advocate for Jack -- these types of baby ducks don't get into a row without mamma on the case!

  7. And I just breathed a HUGE sigh of relief over here.

  8. What a relief. But I would definitely send that ESY coordinator a copy of the letter you received. I mean, c'mon. NOT acceptable on any level!

  9. I love your new look! Thanks for the comment about swearing. I loved the post you wrote about it, it made me laugh many times! And I think what you had to say was very true!

  10. Awesome. OMG. So freaking awesome.


  11. "Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!" indeed! Whew.

    Wonder how many other kids will be showing up in their pj's though??

  12. Phew! Onward and upward, right?

  13. Thank.God. Hope he has a fantastic day on Monday!

  14. This makes me so relieved for Jack - he is doing so well, but so angry for parents like me who would have just put the date on the calendar.

  15. She gave you her CELL NUMBER?! Whoa!!!


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