Monday, July 13, 2009

My Obligatory Pre-BlogHer Post

I think it's a requirement that if you are going to BlogHer that you have to sit down and write a post about going to BlogHer before you actually go to BlogHer.

At least I'm pretty sure I remember signing something to that effect. Or maybe those were outraged and vaguely threatening letters to various companies and government officials, I don't rightly remember. I signed something.

Well, I am nothing if not a woman of my word (I'm not—I'm a complete flake), so here is my pre-BlogHer post.

(1) I'm going to start off with this:

You might want to click to enlarge so you can see all the beautiful ladies.

That is a photo of most of the women who showed up for the DC-area pre-BlogHer meet-up. Not shown are Kristen (and her adorable baby), Andrea, Jill, Wife & Mommy, JavaMom, Jen, Kim, Katherine, Zandria, and Examorata. (If you were there and I left you off this list, let me know, and please accept my apologies. I have three kids, three blogs, and, like, three part-time jobs—I can't even remember what I just walked into the living room for.)

That photo above shows CaraBee (whom I met for the first time last night), Teach Mama (who just got guinea pigs, so you know I looooove her even more now), Urban Mama (who is so cool she wore her sunglasses inside—although to be fair, it's because she forgot her regular glasses), Jessica (who is not going to BlogHer, which completely devastates me), Lumpyhead's Mom (who encouraged me to throw a grape at someone from across the room, and so I did, and I actually made the shot, and it was awesome!), Linda (who is your go-to source when you have borne many children in a short period of time), Tech Savvy Mama (whom I get to room with at BlogHer, although I'm worried now that she's threatened to take photos of me while I sleep), Susan (whom I also get to room with at BlogHer and who I am hoping will defend me against Tech Savvy Mama's nefarious plans), De in D.C. (who was the victim of my idiocy when she just needed someone to help her open a bottle of water and I refused to help and took a photo of her struggle instead), Laurie (who is tremendously cool and who takes even more photos than I do), Sarah (at whom I threw the grape), Kim (who is adorably pregnant and had a fabulous orange sash that I'm still jealous about), me (whom you already know waaaaaay too much about), Devra (who planned the whole damn thing and is just about the coolest person you would ever want to know), and last, but absolutely NOT least, Sue (who was fresh off of hosting three (3!) birthday parties at her house in one day).

Okay. I'm never linking to anything ever again. Plus, I think that's the longest paragraph I've ever written on this blog.

(2) I have swag for BlogHer. It's not as good as last year's swag, but it is pretty cool in its own right. I'm not supplying details yet, but I will tell you this: I'll be dragging around eight pounds of pens in Chicago. And it involves the following:

Hmmm... I guess I did just supply details.

(3) I don't yet have business cards. You know, in case I run out of my eight pounds of pens.

(4) Last year I wrote a pre-BlogHer post to let you know some things about me. They are all still true. Please review them.

(5) I'll be at Midway on the 23rd at about 10 a.m. If you're there and you see me, grab me! I can't wait to meet all of you!

(6) If you're not going to BlogHer, I will raise a drink in your honor while I'm there.


  1. A fun evening indeed. I totally missed the Grape Incident. And you forgot to mention the Bag of Kink that I won in a menage a trois. (Or maybe I should be writing about that on MY blog, but you're so much funnier, so I thought I'd check here first!)

    I'm starting to get a little misty that I'm missing BlogHer though. *sniff*

  2. I refuse to comment out of petulance and envy. Harumph. BlogHer SchmogHer! (Ooh, I think that might've sounded a little kinky? Maybe even a bit B&D? OOPS!)
    Ahem as I *wasn't* saying...

    WAAAAAHHHH! I wish I were going to BlogHer, too!

  3. I'm not doing a pre Blogher post. I revolt.

  4. Have fun having a drink for me!! Heck - have 2 since I couldn't make it last night either :)

  5. I'm with Jodi! I probably will not do a preBlogHer post.

    I promise to abide by our oath of whatever happens in our room stays in our room! Good thing we didn't win the Bag of Kink in a menage a trois like Sue did otherwise people would really be talking.

    So glad you and WhyMommy are letting me tag along. I am so so so excited!

  6. Sounds like a fun night and I hope you have a great time at BlogHer!

  7. Please have a drink for me, I so want to got now. I even checked out costs and those lobby tickets, cuz, heck, what's another few thou in dept to attend some kick-ass parties, and get one of your pens. Eh well, there's always next year, when (cross fingers) I should actually have a paying job.

  8. I love that this year I don't have to be jealous. Dude. I. cannot. wait. to. meet. you. Are you really that tall?

  9. I request a Bud Light with lime be raised in mah honor.

  10. i will be there and think it would be an honor to meet you (i meant that in the exact right tone not to sound nerdy but actually quite witty, you know, someone you would really like). anyway, i'll be there and it would be great to meet you.

  11. YOU were the thrower of the grape? The whole time we thought it was Lumpyhead's mom especially after she purposely turned around and wouldn't look at us.

  12. I cannot believe you didn't mention that I took that awesome photo! All that camera juggling is so under appreciated.

  13. we must have a drink and chat. 9 days

  14. have fun! i can't wait to read the POST blogher post as well. if you have extra pens i think a giveaway is in order.

  15. Swag?! Oh no, I am supposed to also BRING swag to BlogHer? Yikes! No one informed the newb of this!

    I had a fabulous time! And am honored to be included in your roll call of attendees and am sorry I missed out on the photo -- I think you may have missed Andrea of Andrea's Recipes in your list (but it is 3:45 am as I write this so my eyes may be tired.)

    I missed the grape-throwing incident, but I will warn you that TechMama will stab you with a wooden skewer if you mess with her... just saying... don't mess with her kabobs.

    It was fun to see you and other DC Metro Moms again and to meet new people as well -- I'm so psyched about BlogHer that I think JavaDad is ready to just ship me off now so he can stop hearing about it. BlogHer, BlogHer, BlogHer!

  16. Raise a drink in my honor, boo hoo! Love the logo for the pens!!

  17. Jealous. Jealous. Jealous.


    But I already have my lovely pen, thank you. Because you rock.

  18. I'm still in awe of a that shot. I told my husband about it. Twice. (He finished the story the second time, because I'm an idiot who can't remember shit like you told me that already, Dumbass.)

    Still. Awesome.

    You're a fricken sniper. A Grape Sniper. With the aim of an assassin, and the skills of a ninja. A Fruit Ninja.

  19. I wish I had known about the meet up! I'm not going to BlogHer - but I would have loved to have met some local bloggers. Note to self - figure out where to find this kind of information for future...

    Have a great time!

  20. I missed the grape incident too. However, now it makes sense why there was one smushed grape on the floor. I thought it was random, but now that I read this post, clearly it was counter-terrorism. or more specifically table terrorism as the grapes were being served on a table, and not a counter.

    Thanks for coming to the partay. I think we need to persuade our sponsor,Safety 1st, to let us have a PostBlogHerDC meet up, don't you? Grapes included of course.

  21. I was SO super fun to catch up with people I never see anymore. I really need to get out more. Boo hoo hoo, I am SO sad that I'm not going to BlogHer again this year. I'm making a vow that next year will be my year to finally go.

  22. There will be grape revenge bitches. Oh.Yes.There.Will.Be.

    When you least expect it.

  23. I can't believe I'm going to miss out on your awesome pens! Oh well, maybe next year. ;-)

  24. ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. YOU threw the grape while I was chatting w/ Sarah?

    Aimed at me or Sarah, I wonder?

    I'll know who to look for if objects come a'flyin' next week. I just hope it's not one of those cool new pens of yours--

  25. Have a Rum and Diet Coke for me. Make it 1 part run and 9 parts Diet Coke because I am almost a nondrinker. I guess I would be the one looking sober at a really boozy party. However, if a grape was thrown I would have the quick reflexes to dodge the grape...seeing as how I would be sober and all.


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