My Very Quick BlogHer Recap

I just got back from BlogHer today. I had an amazing time and met a lot of amazing women (and some men). I can’t wait to go through all my business cards and visit the blogs of the people I met. It was wonderful. Plus I got to meet so many whom I already consider friends.

The two square blocks of Chicago that I saw were terrific. As was the incredible view from my room, which I was lucky enough to share with WhyMommy and Tech Savvy Mama.

I’m sure I’ll write more about BlogHer in the coming days. You know, probably. But until then, I present you with my Flickr set of photos that I took this weekend. I learned my lesson when I took three photos last year. This year I took more than 100.

Take a peek. Maybe you’ll find your favorite blogger. Or your favorite gadget. Or your favorite blogger with your favorite gadget.

Also, I can’t say this enough: if you weren’t there, I really did miss you.

20 thoughts on “My Very Quick BlogHer Recap

  1. So cool to meet you and may I just say, you give good pen.

    Seriously, that’s the best pen. Why? Because it works! And it works so well! I have to know where you got them.

    I’ve already figured out that my measley stream of photos (I think I got about 19) aren’t enough.

  2. I love that flickr set! You couldn’t have paid me to get a photo w/ the Michelin Man–I guess I have a clown-like phobia, but for large white puffy things.

    I meant to ask you—where’d you get that bracelet? love it!

  3. As always, love hanging out with you. You are the nicest most awesome person ever. I apologize for anything that I may have said out loud on thursday night. PLEASE ERASE YOUR MEMORY OF THAT PARTY. thank you. I feel better now.

  4. beautiful photos!

    i had a great time @ BlogHer, it was my first time attending such a conference. i had the opportunity to meet so many beautiful & interesting women. this experience has only opened my eyes & made me that much more dedicated to what i’m doing.

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