My Very Quick BlogHer Recap

I just got back from BlogHer today. I had an amazing time and met a lot of amazing women (and some men). I can’t wait to go through all my business cards and visit the blogs of the people I met. It was wonderful. Plus I got to meet so many whom I already consider friends.

The two square blocks of Chicago that I saw were terrific. As was the incredible view from my room, which I was lucky enough to share with WhyMommy and Tech Savvy Mama.

I’m sure I’ll write more about BlogHer in the coming days. You know, probably. But until then, I present you with my Flickr set of photos that I took this weekend. I learned my lesson when I took three photos last year. This year I took more than 100.

Take a peek. Maybe you’ll find your favorite blogger. Or your favorite gadget. Or your favorite blogger with your favorite gadget.

Also, I can’t say this enough: if you weren’t there, I really did miss you.

20 thoughts on “My Very Quick BlogHer Recap

  1. I can’t wait to go through your photos since I only took about 3 myself. I think I took as many with your camera as I did with my own! D’oh!

  2. You were missed too by those who didn’t go. It’s true. We all got together and talked about.

  3. THANK YOU for posting all those photos! They give me a really good idea of what things were like, and I’ve been dying to know.

  4. So cool to meet you and may I just say, you give good pen.

    Seriously, that’s the best pen. Why? Because it works! And it works so well! I have to know where you got them.

    I’ve already figured out that my measley stream of photos (I think I got about 19) aren’t enough.

  5. I missed you too! Next year I’m gonna make it there for sure. I’ll have money by then, right? Right!

  6. I love that flickr set! You couldn’t have paid me to get a photo w/ the Michelin Man–I guess I have a clown-like phobia, but for large white puffy things.

    I meant to ask you—where’d you get that bracelet? love it!

  7. As always, love hanging out with you. You are the nicest most awesome person ever. I apologize for anything that I may have said out loud on thursday night. PLEASE ERASE YOUR MEMORY OF THAT PARTY. thank you. I feel better now.

  8. beautiful photos!

    i had a great time @ BlogHer, it was my first time attending such a conference. i had the opportunity to meet so many beautiful & interesting women. this experience has only opened my eyes & made me that much more dedicated to what i’m doing.

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