Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Oh, Right...the Glittery Hats!

I entirely forgot that I was supposed to show you July 4th photos of my cute kids in their adorable glittery hats. And then I realized that I hadn't posted for a couple of days and remembered that I could post such photos with relatively little effort.

Look! Glittery hats! And pinwheels! And American flags! And Transformers jammies!

Every year, my neighbors host a potluck in their yard for the Fourth. Pretty much everybody from the neighborhood comes and it's a lot of fun. This year I wore the same t-shirt as another woman.

I'm totally firing my stylist.

This year, Jack suggested that we play ring toss with a glow ring.

Yeah, that's Alex trying to ring Jack. He missed.

Wow! That cupcake sure is patriotic! (And probably toxic. I don't think I've ever seen that particular blue in nature.)

More highlights of July 4th in my neighborhood are the swarms of really slow, dumb fireflies. They're like nature's fireworks.

Nature's slow, dumb fireworks.

Are you looking for actual fireworks? Well, my town sets off fireworks two minutes from my house. They block off our street on the fourth, we're so close. And there's a nearby park with some great viewing.

And afterwards, we walk two minutes to get home. And we laugh and laugh and laugh at all the people who have to walk to their cars and then drive home.

And the glow sticks? Don't worry. We get full use of them in Stimeyland.

And yes, I know Jack is asleep on the floor. And that the photo is blurry. But the cute! The cute!


  1. Very cool pictures. Looks like a fun evening.

  2. Looks like some of the cute is going up Jack's nose!

  3. What fun. As I was walking back to my car amidst the crowds, I swore if we move it will be to somewhere where we can walk to fireworks. Of course city by city they keep making them illegal our here in CA.

  4. "Nature's slow, dumb fireworks"---AHA HA HA HA HA HA!!

  5. Great 4th, especially Jack asleep with the glow sticks. It looks like you live in small town America.

  6. Yeah, that blue is not natural. Bet he screamed when you had to sand blast it off his face.

    Happy 4th (er...8th)!

  7. Love the pic of Jack on the floor asleep with his prized possessions! So cute! You live in a great neighborhood!

  8. The blue cupcake is terrifying... But I bet it was good. I kind of want one. Did I mention that I'm off sweets until my beach trip at the end of the month?

  9. I think it's pretty funny that Jack and Alex are into ring toss in this episode of stimeyland reality show. it must be a family thing. i remember visiting when Sam was Quinn's age and he was really into ring toss. He would say loudly and melodically, "who wants to play ring toss" and then raise his hand very tall. We played quite a bit of ring toss that day.

  10. AAAAAAA!!!!!! The cute!!!!!

    My guys love having glowsticks. We get little ones, and they act kind of like nightlights.

    Love the hats. Gotta get Joey one of those.

  11. I love your blog very much! Sam is very hilarious in the picture when he eats cupcakes! Jack and Quinn are too gorgeous! Your family is beautiful!


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